by Mr. E on July 23, 2014

dj dyna

If you haven’t heard of Dj Dyna (I know I didn’t before this nugget of Dutch goodness was presented to me)  now is as good a time as any to get to know him. Seriously, he really wants you to know about him, he has a press kit available on his site.

Dj Dyna From the Netherlands gives us a heavy Moombahton/Dancehall style tune called “Dynamite”. The traditional dutch sound rings heavy with this tune and its laced with fresh vocals from the one called LEFTSIDE! check him out on his next tour

Vishaal Lachman Dj Dyna _aka_
Amsterdam, Netherlands


out NOW on beatport and available on itunes.



by Mr. E on July 14, 2014

alan wolfe

We are happy to introduce another Moomba-banger from the very talented producer Alan Wolfe called Bien Suave.

I have no words to express my gratitude for the inspiration I have received from such a great person and artist. Alan Wolfe wastes no time giving you the raw sound of moombahton you are looking for. The chopped vocal sample in this tune is sensational, “Bien Suave” is the raw sound of Moombahton with a synth pattern that puts you in a trance, a rollin moomba beat keeps you groovin through until the second drop that gives your twerk/hip hop taste buds some flavor!. go grab this free tune and go check out the many remixes and other original tunes Alan has for free download on his SOUNDCLOUD!


- Mr. E



Gully : Kapo : ETC!ETC! / Much Moombahton

by Mr. E on July 1, 2014


We got three smash Moombahton tunes for ya this go around folks, so grab these for your listening pleasure!

Hailing from Edinburgh Scotland, producer Gully brings us a very clean style of Moombahton that has a very catchy melody, coupled with a hint of latin piano flavor. Keep a look out in the future for this producer, i have a feeling he will have plenty more solid tunes and vibes coming our way.

Next up, is one of our Favorite Moombahton producers on the scene right now; the always smooth Kapo. This time around Kapo hits us with his official remix of  Mr. Saik – Saca La Rakataka. This remix is a MONSTER of a melodic synth street sweeper, with a big room feel. Show Kapo some love with this by going to itunes and purchasing the track;with the amount of free tunes he gives out the man deserves a bit of compensation for his hard work. Also give his facebook page a like and check out some of his tutorials. Kapo not only gives you solid tunes to bounce to, but he also shows you how to get creative with making your own tunes.

Now for a producer who always has a spot in all Moombahton lovers hearts, the one and only ETC! ETC! This time he remixes Jillionaire + Salvatore Ganacci – Fresh. Checl this remix and lets hope this is a sign that ETC! ETC! will continue to bring us more Moombahton in the near future.



Moomba+ Exclusive Interview: Banginclude

by Duro on June 27, 2014


As you know New York City is now home to Tempo NYC, a monthly Global Bass party that has heads turning! You know that Moomba+ just had to get the inside scoop of what this party was like so we set out to Tempo NYC in hopes of mixing a bit of business with pleasure. (Check out the original event review)We asked the Tempo crew some questions that fans were asking and others that had to do with the Moombahton Movement in general. Here’s the second of four interviews that will be released this week. (You can check out the first and second here) They’re guaranteed to have you all hyped up for the next Tempo NYC this friday, June 27th 2014 at Slake Nightclub.

Moomba+ Exclusive Interview: Banginclude


Banginclude and Champion Rocka having some fun at the monthly Moombahton party, Tempo NYC at Slake Nightclub.

Moomba+: Banginclude, Tempo has come a long way from just a few months ago, you just finished playing at Slake, there was a line to get in all night, why do you think that is?

Banginclude: Well man, you’ve got a lot of things going on at an event like this. Obviously, I’m not going to pretend the venue we’re at isn’t a part of tonights turn out but it definitely goes to show that people are hungry for that primal, funky, dirty, sound that only Global Bass can bring.

Moomba+ Exclusive Interview: Banginclude

Moomba+: You’ve got a pretty diverse crowd in there tonight, you have the weekend warriors, some seasoned, Moombahton vets, and some people that look like they came out of the Matrix. Throughout the night you’ve managed to hold the crowd on the dancefloor. What do you have to say to that?

Banginclude: It’s funny man, I was thinking we were going to get completely washed out by the headliner in the other room but we held our own. I think it’s because at it’s center what we play is universal. There’s just something about what play and make, that just makes you dance. It’s definitely not just a “latin thing”!

Moomba+ Exclusive Interview: Banginclude

Moomba+: Now, back at the office, we have “Apeshit” on repeat. When are we going to get another banger like that?

Banginclude: Haha! I mean I think you guys are going to be pleased with what’s coming out soon. It’s definitely one of my favorite genres to produce and play so keep you eyes and ears open for what’s to come!

At the time ,Banginclude’s “Capo Verde”EP hadn’t been released so now we know he wasn’t just yanking our chains when he said we were going to dig the upcoming jams! If you haven’t gotten the EP, it’s been released by our friends over at Generation Bass! Checkout the Global Bass-ey goodness below!

Photo Credit: Ydania Ogando

Moomba+ Exclusive Interview: Champion Rocka

by Duro on June 26, 2014

Champion Rocka

As you know New York City is now home to Tempo NYC, a monthly Global Bass party that has heads turning! You know that Moomba+ just had to get the inside scoop of what this party was like so we set out to Tempo NYC in hopes of mixing a bit of business with pleasure. (Check out the original event review)We asked the Tempo crew some questions that fans were asking and others that had to do with the Moombahton Movement in general. Here’s the second of four interviews that will be released this week. (You can check out the first here) They’re guaranteed to have you all hyped up for the next Tempo NYC this friday, June 27th 2014 at Slake Nightclub.

Moomba+ Exclusive Interview: Champion Rocka

Champion Rocka

Champion Rocka turning up at Tempo NYC at Slake Nightclub

Moomba+: So Mr. “I am the Roar” talk to me about your Emotion32 remix. It was one of the first few Moombahton songs to be featured in a film (Relative). It’s a beautiful song. It’s kept it’s steady stream of supporters and listeners. You have to tell us, what was the inspiration.

Champion Rocka: Woahh, you guys are f#cking good.  Haha you did your homework. I was supposed to be gigging one night but there was a hurricane so it got called off, and I just stayed in and wrote that song the same night. It was about getting all the frustrations out, of working through what I was going through at the time.

Moomba+: Now what we admire you the most for, that kinda separates you from the other artists, is that you have a lot of Rock influence in your tracks, like the other day when you posted that clip of you playing Moombahton live! Our hairs stood up! Where do you think, live Moombahton is going, as far as the whole movements goes?

Moomba+ Exclusive Interview: Champion Rocka

Champion Rocka

Champion Rocka’s Logo

Champion Rocka: I am not trying to be cryptic or anything but I was given the opportunity with international TV to bring my music to the forefront, and I drafted the most talented people I knew, which is why you saw the people that you saw. Whether it finally makes it on to TV, I don’t know right now, but if it does, it’ll be fucking history! My goal is to take this music as far as it can go man. I know I’m not the most prolific DJ/Producer but when I believe in something I make it happen! All I know is that I’m lucky to be surrounded by such talented people who believe in what I’m doing and what we’re doing. With Tempo it’s only the beginning! We’re going to Philly and then New Jersey Mother F#ckers!

Photo Credit: Ydanio Ogando

Stromae – Tous Les Mêmes (Ramaker Moombahton Bootleg)

by Duro on June 24, 2014

Artwork for Stromae - Tous Les Mêmes (Ramaker Moombahton Bootleg)

Stromae – Tous Les Mêmes (Ramaker Moombahton Bootleg)

Stromae - Tous Les Mêmes (Ramaker Moombahton Bootleg): It’s a track that’s been out for sometime now but we don’t think it’s received the attention it deserves! So for you guys today we have some Moombahton with some class! Stromae‘s sultry seductive vocals over some bass thumpin’, head shakin’, grab a shawty by the hair makin’ drops. It’s got us over at Moomba+ feeling like a naughty version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  In any case it’s a fun spin on a track we all already love! Memorize the lyrics and trick people into thinking you’re worldly, or don’t, we aren’t the boss of you!

Tous Les Mêmes is perfect for the Summer vibes that are sure to ensue in the coming months. So DJs be sure to stock it in your crates. Music lovers add it to your “Summer jamz” iTunes playlists. French people, writing Stromae a letter thanking him for being gracious enough to have been born in your country and for creating such sexy, sexy music!

 Stromae – Tous Les Mêmes (Ramaker Moombahton Bootleg)

What you SHOULD do is peep Tous Les Mêmes and go show some love to Ramaker for making this sexy piece of Moombahton! Here’s his Facebook. Do it. Love him! Go ahead, we’re waiting. Fine. Play hard to get. Here’s the track! Enjoy! May your days be filled with Moomba!

Moomba+ Presents: Exlusive Duckworthsound Festival Remix Pack

by Duro on June 23, 2014

The Artwork for Duckworthsound Festival Remix Pack

Moomba+’s Summer playlist is stocked up full with the rhythms  of Duckworthsound Festival Remix Pack! He covers all of the basis from Moombahton, Dutch, Progressive, Trap to Twerk. The recently released  Festival Remix Pack, courtesy of our very own Moomba+ Records.

Songs like “Chamboneo” and “Puta Muertos” make us forget that Duckworth is actually from the UK and not some tropical electric island of bass.His “M.A.A.D City” remix makes us raise our imaginary pistols to sky as we yell “Gaht Gaht Gaht Gaht” The bass drops and we start to mobbin‘! It’s pretty much out of our control at this point.

Now we understand that it’s not all about grinding and imaginary pistols (although it really should be) so that’s why Duckworth gave us something we can all “PLUR” to. A nice little progressive edit to “Through The Night“(Which because of Soundcloud’s Copyright policy is only available via the download link below). It’s sure to have a fair share of Kandi kids sucking on their pacifiers and inhaling Vicks (that IS what kids are doing nowadays right?) this Summer.

Duckworth sees into your soul. No, really.

Moomba+ Presents: Duckworthsound Festival Remix Pack

No Festival Remix Pack is complete without a couple of Big Room Bangers! Let me tell you, Duckworth does not disappoint! With tracks like “Rage Of Borneo” and  ”Blaze Up” you have all the high energy of Big Room EDM with a twist which is very much Duckworthsound! Providing a much needed break from the usual percussive, over-reverbed, synths.

All in all, the Duckworthsound Festival Remix Pack has a little something for everyone to enjoy. DJs stock up on some of these sounds which might be unfamiliar to you, they’ll be big in the coming months. Music lovers enjoy the freshness that comes from our friend Duckworth in the UK, we have a feeling that we’re going to be hearing a lot more from him in the coming years!

His remixes range from Kenrick Lamar to Botnek and for that reason he’s earned his spot in our pool of exclusive releases! You’ve heard enough of us yapping. Here’s the the highly anticipated Duckworthsound Festival Remix Pack! You can download the whole Duckworthsound Festival Remix Pack here or listen to it on Soundcloud below.

Moomba+ Presents: Duckworthsound Festival Remix Pack

Moomba+ Exclusive Interview: Maxx and EJ

by Duro on June 23, 2014

Moombahton duo, Maxx & EJ at the monthly Moombahton Party, Tempo NYC.

As you know New York City is now home to Tempo NYC, a monthly Global Bass party that has heads turning! You know that Moomba+ just had to get the inside scoop of what this party was like so we set out to Tempo NYC in hopes of mixing a bit of business with pleasure. (Check out the original event review)We asked the Tempo crew some questions that fans were asking and others that had to do with the Moombahton Movement in general. Here’s the first of four interviews that will be released this week. They’re guaranteed to have you all hyped up for the next Tempo NYC this friday, June 27th at Slake Nightclub.


Moomba+ Exclusive Interview: Maxx and EJ

Moomba+: Maxx and EJ, how did you guys meet? That has to be a story in itself.

EJ: Actually man it’s really not. It was about three years ago, MaxX was playing a steady Latin Night, I liked his sound so I added him on Facebook and then he didn’t add me for like 3 months. We were the only dudes at the time on Long Island playing dutch house.

MaxX: Yeah early 2007-2008. We’re dropping Afrojack before people really knew know he was.

EJ: Yeah he was producing, I wasn’t doing much yet, mostly edits so I was like let’s get in the studio I have a few ideas and he was like yeah let’s do it! So then we came out with what was it? The Bollypop remix and now a few years later here we are still doing our thing.

The crowd shot at Tempo NYC.

The crowd shot at Tempo NYC.

Moomba+: So off the top of your heads what are some of your most inspirational artists?

EJ: Oh man. That’s a tough question. ummm Q-Tip!

Moomba+: Really? Why?

EJ: Well I was way big into Hip-Hop before I went into EDM, I think that’s kinda naturally the way that everyone followed you know where we grew up and how we grew up that was just the beat of the streets. DJ Premier was definitely a big influence the man was my high school soundtrack; and  Luny Tunes! You know Reggeaton that was big for me. Mas Flow was always on repeat for me.

Moomba+: How about you MaxX?

Maxx- To be honest? Mr. Vega A.K.A. Sazon Booya a.k.a. Ricky Vaughn a.k.a. Slap Your Favorite DJ. Honestly when I got into producing back in 2008 Dutch House was the shit and honestly, Ricky was the only one killing it. And I’ve followed him since then up into Sazon Booya. We kinda followed his trend, we started going to their shows and we really became good friends. And even to this day he’s still one of my biggest inspirations as far as what we do now.

Another big inspiration for me as far the production of music and realizing that it was possible; Everybody hates him but fucking Kanye West. He’s a genius, he’s an asshole, say what you will but music wouldn’t be the way it is today without him. On a side note to that,Toro E Moi. He’s a Chillwave artist. It’s kind of a side project for me, I like to make Chillwave so I listen to all of his work and a lot of the work he’s inspired.


Maxx and EJ at Tempo NYC

The Moombahton Duo doing their thing at Slake!

Moomba+: So as we’ve recently found out Tempo is about to take the show on the road, you’re hitting up a few different cities what do you think that says about Moombahton and the Global Bass movement in general?

EJ: It’s just something that has to get done. We feel, along with Ricky Vaughn, Champion Rocka, and Bangingclude that we’re fortunate to be in, for lack of a better word,this “Super Group” in New York City nonetheless. Getting the opportunity to bring our sound to a larger scale is great. We’re supported out there, people are listening to our music so I think I speak for us all when I say we feel obligated to go. It’s just the very beginning for the Moombahton Movement.

Moomba+: MaxX any thoughts?

MaxX: I think it’s needed because there aren’t enough Moombahton parties nationally or internationally. You know, big ups to Dave Nada and the whole Moombahton Massive crew and I have mad love for them but they are not enough. They alone aren’t enough to take Moombahton to where it needs to be. I feel like with Tempo we’re trying to forefront the next generation of Moombahton because it had a period where it really fell really low because of Trap and this and that and various things and I feel like we’re trying to be a rebirth of that not only for Moombahton but for Global Bass and every variation of it. I think it’s going to be something very big.

EJ: To pick up where he left off, big ups to the Moomba Mafia in Orlando. Shake-n-Bass is about to be 100 weeks strong.

Maxx: Yeah they’re world renowned! Definitely one of our biggest inspirations.

EJ: Yeah and to match that energy to them? You can’t! It just can’t be done! Big ups to Muevelo in L.A. they stay bringing it since the beginning.



MaxX: Here is the bottom line. New York City doesn’t have anyone else to represent Moombahton. We have individual artists that do it but there is no party. Florida has Shake-n-Bass L.A. has Muevelo. New York didn’t have anything so that’s what we are doing with Tempo and soon we’re looking to take it everywhere!

Moomba+ Exclusive Interview: Maxx and EJ

Moomba+: Alright so Last question. A lot of people when you mention Moombahton the first thing that comes to mind is Dillon Francis. What do you say to that? Why do you think that is? And how does your style differ?

EJ: I mean Dillon made his own lane and took the express lane up. He’s big in that light because he has the backing of OWSLA and Mad Decent and these are major outlets that people look to for Moombahton, not that you’re going to find much, but pretty much the person that runs that catalogue is Dillon Francis so you get a lot of that jump up style, that big room Moombahton from him and that’s what people think Moombahton is. You know, you go to a Moombahton Massive and unless you know who Nadastrom and Sabo are you aren’t going to hear what you’re expecting. How are we different from Dillon Francis? I have to the say the Latin aspect of it all. You know Maxx and I are both Puerto Rican and it is what it is we want to keep it organic and natural as we grow.

Maxx: I think he can represent Moombahton more than he does now. I can think of countless times where I hear people go to a Dillon show and they say ‘I heard Moombahton for 10 minutes, Trap for 40 minutes and big room edm for 20 minutes’ and that’s fine he does those festivals and that’s what people expect but to the people that don’t really know about Moombahton they think he’s so different but to those that do know about Moombahton they know that’s not the case. Where we differ is that latin aspect. We actually had the opportunity of having one of our songs on his rotation. It had that latin aspect because of the sample we used and one of the things he did ….

In Unison: Was take out the latin sample!

Maxx: Which is cool but like he’s trying to stay away from the “Latin-ness” as much as possible. Which I’m fine with, that’s his path but I just don’t think that he’s going to be the one to take Moombahton to where it needs to be. He’s going to take Dillon Francis‘ music where he needs to be.

Maxx & EJ

EJ: To cap it off Moombahton is in the hands of those who make it. It isn’t just us. It’s not any of us. It’s ALL of us. It needs one whole community to take it where it has to go. This is why we embody what Moombahton is. We’re out here together helping the movement grow. Helping each other out.

Photo Credit: Ydania Ogando

Jetpack Party – Grimy : Moombaplus exclusive

by Mr. E on June 21, 2014


        Hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida; Jetpack Party is making waves in the party scene and on the internet. He is a part of the well known Recourse Thursdays that hosted the “Baked WMC Pool Party” that Moombaplus had the honor to sponsor (click here for video footage of the party). Jetpack Party has shared a stage with  big names in the game right now such as DVNK SINATRV, Nadastrom, South Rakkas, and most recently SUB FOCUS, just to name a few; He is also pounding out a continuous stream of remixes and original tunes. The self proclaimed “producer of  Future BASS music” seems to be picking up steam  at a steady pace with his production skills while smashing dancefloors at any event he plays.

 Moombaplus is proud  to showcase Jetpack Party’s newest tune, by the name of “Grimy”. This appropriately named smash tune is a spaced out, bass heavy, Tech sound with an innovation take on the 110 tempo. Check out the tune and get ready for more amazing sounds of future bass!!