Not a Wave, but a Tsunami

by Moomba Plus on December 21, 2011

2011 has been such a great year for brand new talent. This year is definitely the year of the bedroom producers and small time producers. All around the world we’ve seen talent pop up that has given a different view of the broad genre of moombahton. Ranging from all the sub genres, this feels like the beginning of huge things to come. And there is no other compilation out there this year that shows such a broad spectrum of producers then the New Wave of Moombahton – Vol 1 by Generation Bass. There isn’t any better compilation than this 2 sided compilation. With more than 30 tracks this is the definitive compilation of artists. Many of the artists in here are reoccuring djs that have played on Moomba+ Radio, such as 2 Deep, BabySteps, Vicious Viv, Ryan Carrier, SomeJerk, and Mango Troops. In a nutshell if I had to sum this post up, Download it NOW!!

Download Now



Next up on releases is Sara Young’s “Moombahton Queen” mix. Representing Global bass and Moombahton, Sarah Young and WeSC have teamed up to bring you the ‘Moombahton Queen’ mega mix, a mix that is dedicated to all the moom kings and queens and innovators, as well as acting as a UK introduction to the 108 bpm genre, this free cd release is to be distributed across selected UK WeSC stores. This mix demonstrates the diversity of the genre and it’s global influences from hip-hop, dancehall, soul and reggaeton inspired tracks. ”Moombahton Queen” features remixes and originals from some of the best names in Moombahton and global bass. Find her upcoming mix her website


Next is the newest remix from Telmini who has been a big producer of bass music in France. Seeing support from many artists such as Figure, Reid Speed, xKore, Habstrakt, Sawgood, Bullwack, Liberty!, Q.G., NEUS, Dead C∆T Bounce, 357 Magnum, Stereoliez, Hate Mosh, Indo Silver Club, Digital Empire, Altazer, None Like Joshua, Just Banana, expect much more to come from this guy.


On top of this, Valentino Khan (former member of Market Price) released a brand new track entitled Kingstone. This track screams originality and its one of my favorite tunes he’s put out. His upcoming release Ruckus will be coming out Feb 2 on Mad Fucking Decent, so you know Valentino is going to be a household name.


Finally I wanted to end this post with a bunch of original tracks. Its 4:40 am and I’m just about to pass out. Enjoy these tunes :)


VoidDS ~ This is Moomba!

.357 Magnum – GOJIRA – ECR005 – Teaser Mix [OUT 12-23-11]

Sukkaz Neva Play Me – Bumps

Ranto Bokgo – A Who Dem (Bumps’ Moombahall mix)

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