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by Moomba Plus on January 8, 2012

Just wanted to let everyone know a little about myself.  My name is Christian Rokk and I am a DJ in Madison, WI.  I became the newest member of the Moomba+ family after getting bit hard by the moombahton bug.   I saw our best DJ and moombahtonista, $amroc, posting up songs with the words “moombahton” and “Munchi”, stumbled on a J-Trick mixtape and the rest as they say is history.  So thanks guys for putting me up on this scene.  I will be writing three or four times a week so leave comments and let me know what’s up. Sunday is a great day to download a whole mess of new tunes and really get your self set up for another round of shows next week.   More and more DJ’s around the globe are looking to add moombahton to their set lists or to transition altogether to be a full-time moombahtonista.   A few words on each of these tracks should help get you sorted.   A quick warning: not all of these tracks started doing the rounds yesterday but newer is not necessarily better.

The driving bassline of Nicedemass’ take on Dead Prez’s “Hip Hop” is the focal point of a track that is sure to warmup the dance.  I think that big, big sounds with just the right amount of hip hop is a formula that is winning in moombahton circles right now and Nicedemass not only has the formula but he snuck up and put it on the chalkboard when the professor wasn’t looking.

Dead Prez “Hip Hop” Nicedemass Remix

Oktored is probably my favorite producer right now.  He makes such creative songs and his output is high and consistent so I find it very difficult to not have his tracks dominating my set lists.   Oktored is likely to appear on Moomba+ radio in the near future but it would be wrong for us to hold out on you nearly that long.    Both “Bitch What?” and “Adderall Lavigne” are anything but minimal and show off a side of moombahton that the world is definitely ready for!

Oktored “Adderall Lavigne” (Crush That Pill, Crush That Face Mix)

Oktored “Bitch What?”

This track took me by surprise but looking around the internet, I think people in the know know about Burly Wench.  At first glance this song is just a little jazzy number but it is really incredibly technical, especially later in the track.  The song progresses constantly and has lots of nice edits, it is a producer’s sort of track, but the instrumentation makes it very accessible with a warm disco vibe.  “Babies Suck” is a winner in my book and I sort of like babies.

Burly Wench “Babies Suck”

Neki Stranac is one of Moomba+ and DJ Vapid’s stars to follow in 2012 and one listen to this rework of Zedd’s “Slam the Door” will tell you why.   I think we should all buy this on Beatport and push it straight up the charts just like we did with the Cam Jus “Badman EP”.  Neki is giving it to us for free but let’s give back to the scene.  It’s been free forever but I for one am ready to lay my money down.

Zedd “Slam The Door” Neki Stranac Remix

This is an “oldie” but deff a goodie.  I’ve heard this song for a while but I have really grown to love it.  Listen to the break approximately 1:10 in or the complex sampling.   Way to go, you are in an animal with the Mamanimal remix.  Yep (I do that sort of thing)

Distal “Mamanimal” Ben Tactic Remix

The following track is a good example of the kind of track the I like to have on my harddrive because it’s solid and works with so many different things.   Feral has been putting in work and I would recommend you put that name in the ol’ Search Engine and see what you find.  Because this track, as an example, is a “Blast”!

F3RAL  “Blast”

Fellow blogger and up and coming producer, LA Yaute, has recently been in my “Two For the Road” post but this edit of an already remixed  Yelle track deserves a few words.   House music has seen an infusion of energy from groups like Yelle and capturing that energy with a well-balanced moombahton edit is a great idea.  LA Yaute takes this idea and executes it perfectly.  The electro movement took some of the best elements of house and put them on display to the world and moombahton can and will do the same.  More evidence is provided in the track below.

Yelle “Safari Disco Club” Beataucue remix Yaute edit



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