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by Moomba Plus on January 15, 2012


A couple words before the tracks.  First, the Moombahton Massacre in Chicago was massive.  Nadastrom properly schooled everyone in the ways of the moombah and I look forward to a fire being lit in the Midwest for the 110bpm (shout out to Ziad).  I witnessed the fire first hand at a packed Glow Party in Madison, WI this Saturday night where we played moombahton for hours in place of the expected variety of house sounds.   When I did let loose some faster vibes at Club Voodoo it was the sounds of JWLS or J-Trick at 130bpm.  Tune of the night in my opinion was Jon Kwest’s epic B-more workout “Tiger Blood”.  Thanks to moombahtonista’s Samroc, speakEZ, and Nexah for the support as well as the Madtown dance crew!  Let’s get it, moombahfam.

I really listened to a lot of 13th Tribe over the last couple days.  The first track I am posting I heard yesterday and has a download link.  Groove to the sounds of what is just called 13th Tribe feat. Puerto Rican Voices.  I thinks it’s cool.  The second track I heard even more recently an is also unnamed but doesn’t have a download link.

An ambient moombahton track with some eerie sampling and cool arranging caught my ear this morning.  The 13th Tribe comes
correct on Candide PT II.  This track continues to progress throughout building to a jazzy little stormer towards the end and was a nice fresh sound.   The only problem I have with this track is that I like it primarily as a listening experience and it ends rather abruptly but overall solid effort. Cheers.

13th Tribe “Candide Pt II”

Cee-Q tells us via sample to “turn the bass up louder” and I’m going to  go ahead and do just that.  Great moombahton number with lots of  the elements readers will be looking for and there is definitely a download so get on it.

Cee-Q “Maquillas”

I really like to post the songs with the download links but listening to interesting sounds is an important part of the equation whether or  not you are able to DJ the track or not.  This song is a mashup of Pre Hispanic Music and Moombah and it’s really cool.  Read the descriptionon Souncloud to see how the track was done.  Tune!

D-V3KZ and DJ Javier Estrada

DJ Vous is apparently a guy from Boston with an accomplished musical background and also looks to have been the instigator of many a party.  At this point, I know him from this extra chill moombahsoul tune he sent into the Moomba+ group.  Check it out and see if you think he has “soul”.

DJ Vous “Electric Soul”

“You wanna know why? It was out of respect!”  Mad respect to Dazed Dog for his moombahton take on the seminal “Original Nuttah”.  As moombahton moves into the mainrooms and onto bigger dancefloors, DJ’s will come armed with anthems like this.   At this point, “Original Nuttah” is about as original as a peanut butter sandwich but you can’t mess with a proven track/record.  See what I did there?

Dazed Dog “Original Nuttah”

Peenk Panthur has a rather long production resume and a pretty solid reputation as dubstep and grime producer.   She self-describes herself as UK influenced and I think that is apparent in her production style.   A song I’ve heard about consistently for the last several days, I wasn’t the first person to take notice of this track, “Super Lazer”, and I won’t be the last.  Check it out moombahfam.

Peenk Panthur “Super Lazer”

This one is forthcoming on Club Cartel Records and is definitely worth a listen.  I like how much things have changed in the moombahton game as of late.   It used to be such a edit heavy, free download fest, which was good, but now things are getting exciting as we wait for releases on labels.   As we move up the Beatport charts and labels like ThinkTwice talk about pressing vinyl, I can’t help but be hella hyped up.  Looking forward to BigMakk’s “Mad Cow” and Essbeedee’s even newer joint “Loco” getting official releases and a whole heap of other tracks too. But back to the matter at hand…..Damage. “illectric” is hot sauce.  Give it a listen.

Damage “illectric”

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