UK Moombahton Tonight!

by Moomba Plus on March 23, 2012

With so much happening in Miami, the fact that the UK was awakening to the sound of moombahton in a big way may have slipped under the radar.  And while several of the largest champions of the sound have been of the British persuasion (Umb, Jones, et al), they assure me that the UK audience is not as accepting as the Americans.  Odd as that may be to me, coming from a background of drum and bass and being the American outsider, for some time London had the same situation with moombahton.  However, Idiosynphonic, SHHHED, and Moombah LDN are changing that with a full room of moom.  Sorry, I had to……Tomb Crew, Smutlee, Sarah Young and more will be holding down the decks at presumably the same time as Tantrum Desire, Herve and Roksonix.  That’s a tough lineup to mash it up with any way you slice it and the UK moombahtonistas could have their hands full.  However, if the moombahton room is ram jam, hats off to you lads (and ladies).  See how lame my English grammer is :)  One last thought, I’ve heard chatter about forthcoming lineups.  Planes involved.  Big stuff.   We’ll keep our eye out.   BTW…..are they selling the Sarah Young milkshake at the event?

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