Munchi Is In Chicago Tonight!

by Moomba Plus on March 30, 2012

This event is all kinds of winning.  In the beginning of moombahton in Chicago, there was only silence.   Slowly an eclectic mix of artists and producers started to support the sound and then Metro was invaded by moombahton royalty. Nadastrom’s appearance earlier this year at Metro helped pave the path to Munchi’s appearance tonight.  Many people that I know and respect have given up large chunks of time to help realize this dream.   I remember seeing Phaded, a Chicago dubstep pioneer, hosting huge dubstep parties and selling out Metro.  That was a harbinger of how popular dubstep would become and this is the same sort of thing.   Big ups to Team Bayside High, Rampage and Nader, Stefan Ponce, Alex Supremee, Munchi, Metro Chicago and the hundreds of others who helped with this event.  Legendary stuff.  Get ready for some big tunes and big hair.

Willy Joy is in no way confined to the sound of moombahton but if he wants to get down on a sound, watch out now. Mr. Joy has put together a promo mix for this event and it’s very high quality bizness. You can go ahead and cop that here.


Here is a track from LA Yaute and just because this is an edit doesn’t mean he doesn’t have original music for days.  Trust me when I say he does :)

Valorous is a name that I see more and more.  There is a track called “Bam!” that I am very much feeling but I thought you could give this a listen as well.

gLAdiator are the kings.  Seriously.  There collaboration with D!RTY AUDIO was so so sick. “Buss Up” does just what it claimed to do…..Any guesses how “Wreck It” turns out? EXACTLY

Kinokoz really had a winner with “I Love LA” and the pair of Kinokoz and Tuko have a bunch of them together.  This one “B.Zee” is cool in my book.  Does anyone watch “Breaking Bad”.  The super cray cartel meth boss was named Tuko. Scary.


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