Summer Starters: JWLS, Bro Safari, & More

by Moomba Plus on April 30, 2012

Summer has finally arrived and with it no classes and a ton of new sounds going to be released. One of these tunes is the Moombahton Massive EP and all I have to say is I can’t wait to have this being played in my car. Today Scion posted  Ezekiel from Mr Bashin himself- JWLS […]

Excellent Edits! Mendez, Team Jaguar, Jonny Chino and more!

by Moomba Plus on April 28, 2012

Jonny Chino has a way with the remix.   I have a fairly large catalog of tunes by Mr. Chino that have continued to be “go to jams” in my DJ sets. Continuing to garner attention both as a producer and dj in the San Francisco and Los Angeles moombahton scenes, continue to keep your eye […]

2Deep Is Guilty of Swag and Inviting Pun! Mendez, Nexah and more :)

by Moomba Plus on April 25, 2012

2Deep is a group that has had several different lineups but as they gain prominence in the moombahton scene, DJ Ultracat from LA and Luis Cardenas from NYC have come to be the two that represent the name 2Deep and rep it hard.   Known for their involvement with the ultra swag party and crew, Muevelo, […]

Rot10 Releases “Mayhem”, Rot10’s Moomba+ Takeover, Tekni-Freebies and More!!!

by Moomba Plus on April 23, 2012

Aglory is the author of the newest Rot10 release and what a release it is! For anyone who wonders where all the hot tracks are these days, they don’t just show up for free anymore.  Nope, big official releases are the order of the day.   It doesn’t matter that you haven’t neccesarily heard of Aglory […]

You Came Here for Moomba

by Moomba Plus on April 21, 2012

  Tasty new tune from Ckrono and Slesh!!! “Tasty Burger” has some tense strings and lots of reverb and samples leading up to an epic drop with the the title sample coming in for the first of several appearances.  It’s a good sign though when the “Tasty Burger” sample comes in, each of the changes […]

Happy Holidaze To All the Bass Freqs

by Moomba Plus on April 20, 2012

Teknicolor is one of the better known producers comprising perhaps a third wave of moombahsounds.   This young artist has refined his sound to a point where it is distinct from nu jump and has been called moombahstomp on many music blogs and forums so the folks at Moomba+ will go along with it.  Teknicolor makes […]

Mendez Pops Bottles Again, the Return of Discoton and More…..

by Moomba Plus on April 19, 2012

The video in this post is an unofficial remix my man Mendez did to rock out the clubs he works at and I think we have another winner on our hands.   This is the second time I’ve personally announced that Mendez is poppin’ bottles but I believe it’s a weekly affair in Phoenix.   Dale! Photo […]

D!RTY AUDIO, MR. VEGA of Sazon Booya and More!!!!

by Moomba Plus on April 18, 2012

Today we will be posting a solid mix of heavy hitters and lesser knowns but rest assured, some quality assurance went in to this post.  In fact, all you had to do was peep the extra sexy female on the cover and you would know Christian Rokk means business today.  LOL.  But seriously, you read […]

Early Bird Gets the Moombahton!

by Moomba Plus on April 17, 2012

There are some really amazing exclusive tracks that I will be posting on Moomba+ in the coming hours and days but before we did that, I thought I would post some music to get your Tuesday morning headed in the right direction.    Here is your worms, you early birdz Dazed Dog has been continually putting […]