BIG MAKK IS A TRAPSTAR, and other cool stuff

by elpizzysofresh on May 1, 2012

alright team, I’m John aka Lost Prophet. I’m gonna be making some posts here for ya’ll @ Moomba+, it’s my pleasure to be here, and I look forward to expanding my network and meeting some cool people.

ready? let’s go

my first post is a whopper (no pun intended)

the latest offering from BIG MAKK is surely the tastiest, a fresh remix pack of pop tunes with a global bass twist, there is definitely something here for everyone. me? I’m all over all these joints



today! Scion AV drops the new Moombahton Massive ep! finally I get my hands on more JWLS!!!

Download Now


featuring Nadastrom, Sabo, Melo, JWLS & Steve Sarks, to me this release shows moombahton in it’s rawest form, as well as having reached a certain degree of maturity within the traditional sound. Ezekiel is def the banger of the group, but that Sabo & Melo joint is fiiiiiiyaaaa!

these dudes are on the move, so lookout in a city near you 😉



our friends over at Think 2wice dropped a new ep today, by Ra Cailum, I’m really enjoying this Astronomar remix that’s been included, check it out and show some support, they have even included a free download as part of the release!

click the picture for the link

this release was forwarded to me this afternoon, and I was like “what’s a Club Cartel?”, but then I remembered, oh yea?! J-Trick has a dope record label! how could I forget? 420 was over a week ago, but dang dude, these tunes are bangin!

check it out on Beatport over here: click the picture, no really, click it


I’ll leave you with a couple tunes I came across today thanks to the internet (a series of tubes) first up is Pickster’s newest flip of this sweet $antigold & Major Lazer thing, ready for the club! (oh yea, it’s at 95 bpm, what will you do?!?)

next is this Skrillex & Damian Marley tune Make It Bun Dem remixed by Poisound from Spain, holy shit this tune is nuts, just download it immediately

FUCKING DAMAGE HATERS!!!! too good not to post, and it’s a free download, I mean come on

ok, so apparently I can’t count, but I’m feeling this Corrupted Data tune, snag it

well I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, see you next time

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