evening sessions volume one

by elpizzysofresh on May 2, 2012

man dude, hold up. Craze finally puts this thing on the Soundcloud, so now you normal type people can listen to it too. who knows when this shit is coming out, but Slow Roast needs to hurry the fuck up so I can start dropping this and looking super cool at my local rave parties.


JWLS really likes that Iggy sample, it’s a cool sample, I use it in my live sets often. Anyways check out this remix for everyones favorite third world party rockers Buraka Som Sistema, quite sexy in a moombahton style. This one is due out May 7th on Enchufada.


Jay Fay does his remix in a Kuduro style, which is nuts, cos his synths are insane


DJ Theory really got my attention with this track, which is seeing release May 8th on T&A Records, really I was into his soul tracks, but this has sexy banger all over it


this is really like fucking scary, I imagine Crookers is weird and awkward to hang out with in real life, like I would shake his hand and try to maintain eye contact, and then wipe my hand off on my pants when he wasn’t looking. Neki strikes again and makes this track do moombahton stuff, snag the download.


I don’t know if this has been posted already, and I will probably repost some stuff, so just deal with it. but this is awesome, and you need it in your dj sets, grab it off mediafire


it seems like errybuddy be trappin’ these days, I remember when the streets were sacred. ya patna’s patna 8cto flips this Calvin Harris joint into something a lil mo’ grimey, perfect for the summertime


I’m feelin’ this joint, which dropped on 4/20, and somehow I missed it… (see what I did there?) General Levy meets Bert On Beats! we’re taking this one to the streets!


this came out yesterday on Kannibalen Records, Black Tiger Sex Machine remixed by Fellow! I love the synth on this track, and the overall vibe, it’s heavy but still sexy and danceable


I’ve never heard of K Spacely until today, and I’ve never heard of I See Stars either, but a quick trip to the google machine, and I return much hipper. this tune is really chill, and if I was sitting at a stop light in traffic jamming this, I’d prolly roll my windows up


oh man, I know I’m late posting this, but I don’t care, I have the power!! if you don’t have this for your dj sets what are you doing with your life? grab it


this is fun, you know you want it


I put this in my last post, but I don’t care, it’s awesome, go buy this shit!!!!


alright, I think that’s all for this post, I should chill out, Imma hit up the Soundcloud group and see if I can dig up some goodies for a different post. holleur.




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  1. JKilla says:

    So…moombaplus puts out an ad looking for writers and this guy is the best you got? Next time get a blogger who knows how to spell and use punctuation…Imjussaying…

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