Incoming megapost., Paul David, Sabo, Sazon Booya and more!

by elpizzysofresh on May 10, 2012

Paul David lets go of his tune Nova, which is a groovy progressive number, don’t sleep!


Public Enemy over Slap In The Bass? Feelin’ it.

This Gurbtron tune hit my inbox the other day, and after a few listens it really grew on me. The intro sample is hilarious, and the drop is rediculous. Definitely one for the club.


The latest freebie from :Dface of the Rot10 camp. This one has an acid vibe with slick production chops.


Speaking of Rot10, Josh Vega just put this preview up for a remix coming out soon on Kodiak Records.


New Soundcloud love from Munchi. No download on this one, but you gotta check it out!


Go Buck! bootlegs Wolfgang Gartner’s Space Junk, and flips it into a nice bouncy number for the 108 crew.


Alright, this dude Paranoid Scarecrow is starting to grow on me, he sent me this on Soundcloud and from the intro I already knew I was gonna like it. This one goes dark and is reminiscent of early 2000 era drum & bass, sort of a techy vibe, if you will.


New official Sabo release! Go buy that shit! This time on OmRecords (heyyyy). Straight latin heat is all I have to say about this one.


If for some reason you still haven’t heard the Scion A/V Moombahton Massive ep, then head over to Melo’s Soundcloud page for the download link. Absolutely lovin’ this tune.


The homie babySTEPS shows the world again just how ratchet us moombahtonista’s can get with a preview of his latest work, MOOMBAHCRUNK! Holy shit, babySTEPS in a moombahcore style? Fuck yea.


I CAN’T WAIT for this ep to drop. Every new tune I hear from Craze is fire lately, really diggin’ his latest work. Deep, spaced out vibes on this one, with a sick transformed vocal sample, must listen!





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