Whiskey and Feral! MC’s I Can Believe In

by Moomba Plus on May 13, 2012


FeralisKinky aka Feral aka MC Kinky is one of the most legitimate voices in the moombahton/future bass world with roots that go deeper than most would imagine.   I won’t recreate her biography here but trust me when I say she has that OG rap sheet on lock.   She is also the creator of one of our favorite Moomba+ mixes ever.   Her song “Bad Kitty” with ETC!ETC! was a darling of WMC and has received RADIO 1 Airplay as well so that’s dope.   I  heard her unreleased collaboration with gLAdiator  get played last night on my radio show by Cy Kosis and it’s a banger.  I have been smashing her !OU1 track for months and I’m certainly not the only or the biggest DJ doing so.  And then there is “Gyal” with some sick lyrics to let you know what this lady is about.  That is if you can decipher her slang which comes recommended by yours truly, it’s a study in awesome.


I don’t know exactly how to say what I would expect to find on a Mother’s Day morning but some new fire from Whiskey Pete, The Mane Thing and Blaze Tripp was probably not it.   This coming on the heels of Whiskey Pete’s vocal stylings on ETC!ETC! and J-Trick’s “Hold the Line” EP and we have a phenomenon here.  I am in no way taking shots at Diplo, Anger Dimas or Iggy Azalea because I enjoy them all but if you want to know who’s holding down the MIC in moombahton these days, my money is on Whiskey Pete and Feraliskinky.  Of course people are going to say all kinds of things from Alex Clare 4 LIFE to IGGY for Queen of Australia but you came to get my two cents and ya got it.



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