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by Moomba Plus on May 25, 2012


After 4 months of planning and construction and designing we can finally say that the Moomba+ is finally up and operational. I will have to say this has been one of the things I’ve been dedicating myself to getting up and ready for you guys for a long time. From designing shirts with Evan aka F3RAL to launching it with our partner. This has been a long time coming and today you can finally check it all out.

I want to bring you guys shirts that are moombahton but convey the attitude and feel of it outside of the typical shirts you see around. Some of these designs have been in the works for awhile and we put a lot of love into each one.

Each shirt is organized in catalogues and for each catalogue we rotate that way we continuously bring you free T’s periodically.

For this Catalogue 0, I wanted to make a special shirt which I’ve had and many of you have already seen it, the Limited Edition Moombahcore shirt:

Click on the Image to Buy

This design we have a very limited quantity and we want to keep it special as it is not only our first t-shirt but it is also the first shirt I designed.

In the future expect a lot of crazy designs and possible artist collabs. But in the mean time, click on either here, the “SHOP” button on the main menu or click on the picture above to go to the store directly.

Thank you for your patience and expect the Catalgue 1 to be dropped very soon.



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