Get ‘Em While They Are Hot

by Moomba Plus on June 20, 2012


Interesting drums and programming combined with a slick Willy Wonka sample? Yes please.  Decade! is contributing his latest work to the world for free.   He credits Nightmare! with giving him help on this track.  Not only is Nightmare! a producer to watch, he also has the next track in this post!!

Ah, Nightmare!  You have contributed so much recently to my collection of moombahton edits.  Dancefloors love what you have done with M83 and Eminem, so they have a right to expect something from the next one right? Right.  This one takes on ASAP Rocky track “Hands On the Wheel”.    The opening is haunting, the drops is hard yet subtle, entirely well done throughout.

Oktored has garnered a lot of attention for his recent release on Generation Bass.  His latest freebie is called “Wide Angle” and is what I would call moombahtrap.    Subtle, rolling vibes on this one.  Nod out, get ill, do what you do.  Just make sure you are doing it to Oktored’s latest masterpiece.

What would you imagine a moombahton rework of Van Halen’s “Jump” would sound like?  Well at first it sounds a lot like the original which is a good thing, “Jump” is a dance track just how it is.  But Goofee got hold of this one so there is more in store for the listener, much more.    David Lee Roth never sounded better.

Yhung Bear got them “Dollar, Dollars” for ya’ll.  Young producer trying to get noticed.   Why not cruise on over to his Soundcloud and see what he’s been up to?   It won’t cost you a “Dollar”.




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