Have no fear my children, for I come bearing gifts

by elpizzysofresh on June 20, 2012


Mega-post time! Ahhhhh!  :)

I got goodies for you, all kinds of stuff this go round. I haven’t really posted much from the Soundcloud group lately, but trust me, I haven’t been sleeping on it, there is some good stuff in there, keep em’ coming.


First up is ETC!ETC!’s remix of Girl by Das Racist. Gotta be honest, I wasn’t fond of the og, but this flip is nice & smoooooth. Goes down well on the dancefloor, like your girl after free Jaeger. :p


Sweet mash-up from D!rty Aud!o, blending Angger Dimas, Diplo & Vato Gonzalez for some dirty dirty, this is def a peak hour banger. Drunk time.


DJR did it on em’ with this one, Nas – Oochie Wally gets the rub, and it’s a good one. Essential for any dj that plays moombahton in fancy clubs.  :p


I’ll house you! Smooth, soulful and sexy are words I would use to describe this remix from Mad Villains. Throwback vibes all over this one, lovin’ the use of classic drum breaks, don’t sleep.


I’m posting this because I think you should have it, embrace, enjoy, cos I’m posting the Carly Rae mix next 😀


You thought I wasn’t gonna do it. Play this in the club, seriously, it goes. You can thank me later.


Not heard much from the Teen Wolf camp, so I’m sure he’s busy in the studio crafting bangers with the Las Vegas homies. Check out Kahboom with Shelco Garcia for that vibe only these two can create.


So.Fucking.Good. I’m so happy Frank did this to this track, he has a light but very effective touch, always staying true to the original vibes, that’s what I love about his edits.


It’s not moombahton, but… A fucked off kuduro jammer from High Rankin, badass take on the genre, work this into your sets like a boss. You gotta click into the Soundcloud for the download link.


Click clack, boom! BabySTEPS on dat ass!!! TRAPICAL 2.0 dropped yesterday, more Waka moombahton for you to drop in the club and look super hip. Make sure you visit the Soundcloud page for the download link.


Oh yes, two High Rankin tunes in one post!


Alright, last but not least, I leave you with the Dooze Jackers brand spanking new ep, for free! All you gotta do is go like their Facebook page, which if you haven’t already, what are you doing with your life?





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