All Over The Place

by Moomba Plus on June 21, 2012


Moombahton is everywhere and it’s sub-genres, offshoots and kissing cousins are very healthy at the moment.   A big resurgence in moombahsoul production, new and exciting sounds from the UK and homegrown creations by the likes of Dillon Francis and Oktored demonstrate that our scene is “all over the place”… a good way.  This article will reflect the state of the scene, sounds from all over the spectrum.   Awesome.

Let’s start off with some excellent folk vibes from Viciouz Viv.  A nice subtle edit that shows moombahton’s roots and reminds the listener that enjoyable moomba need not be aggressive and/or hyphy.  Although we’ll get there….

What’s up, DJ Bounz? He recently released his Pancakes! DJ mix and now comes with a club banger moombah refix that shows why moombahton absolutely belongs on dancefloors, even ones that have dancers that normally wouldn’t list EDM as an interest :)

There is top notch electro and dutch influenced tracks that make listeners take notice because of the blend of today’s and tomorrow’s sound.  One release that exhibits this is Tittsworth, Rez and Des McMahon’s “Juicy Jorts” EP. You have to pick this one up on Beatport but it’s well worth it.  Dark and dirty funk workouts!!

Walmer Convenience gets all the best exclusives.  Okay, maybe not, but they sure do get a lot of good ones.  MiniMaxX and DJEJ are friends of Moomba+ and Rot10 Music recording artists so we are very happy to share with you their beyond excellent track they did for the geniuses at Walmer Convenience.   This track reminds us of two things.  One,  moombahton has latin roots and a dembow. Two, no one does that better than Rot10.

And finally a reminder that a lot of moombahton is a synth line and a dirty sample thrown over a dembow.  Nothing wrong with that…



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