Soul to Soul

by Moomba Plus on June 23, 2012


Cousin Culo and Phi Unit are purveyors of lovely sounds and so they have collected them here for our listening pleasure.   Many a moomba head has been waiting for this excellent and totally free summer compilation.   The album opens with Phi Unit’s “Goodbye” which is a life changing experience.  So much joy and emotion which of course is what the album promises.  If you want to rage face this summer, this is not your jam.  But if you want to come face to face with your feelings, and maybe your lover’s too, then get this now.

King Kong is near the top of the game when it comes to lush and dreamy moombahsoulscapes (I just invented that term…hehe).   Hailing from Portugal, Pedro Mauricio aka King Kong assures me that moombahton is not getting the attention it deserves in his home country.  My belief is this had given King Kong the creative space to make the music that he loves!   Music that you may just fall in love with is available right now, it’s called “Outside”, Pedro’s latest moombahsoulscape (sorry I had to do it again).


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