by Moomba Plus on September 1, 2012

"She normally rocks Sol Republics but you have to work with what you have"

“She normally rocks Sol Republics but you have to work with what you have”

The good moombahton is here.   Why go to other blogs and sort through genres when Moomba+ can rock you with that sweet sound of reggae and house having a baby?  A moombaby named Moombahton!

Major Lazer’s “Get Free” ft Amber is one of the chillest, most listenable tunes being played out right now.  Just about every DJ needs one edit of “Get Free” or another, but for the gigging moombahtonista, Mendez edits are usually the best.  So here we have a happy marriage indeed.  Perhaps it will bring us a moombaby….

I’m going to be honest for once.  (Did you hear that Higha Level?I’m telling the truth)  I don’t remember if I blogged this the other day or not but it’s awesome and it’s a remix by Arehouse of a badass DFace song.  More happy marriages.  More babies.

Whoa! Big tune alert.  This is only a preview but y0u are all going to need some time to digest this awesomeness from Feral Is Kinky, ETC!ETC! and Vodge Diper.   “SCANDAL” is not to be missed!!

More new sounds from Neki! His edits are the best and so all over the board.  Winning.

I’m going to keep this simple.  Chong X does not get enough respect.  There are not enough words or blog posts to correct the damage so just feel properly chastised for not recognizing real.

There….go make moombabies.



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