Sazon Booya and Other Moomba Royalty

by Moomba Plus on September 17, 2012


No one would make the mistake of saying that Sazon Booya aren’t moombakings.  They definitely wouldn’t say it after the dynamic duo and the masked wonder, Mystereo, invaded America’s favorite “almost” state.   From the looks of the video it was a wet and wild time.  We are lucky we don’t HAVE to go to PR to see Sazon Booya, but doesn’t this video make that look like a good idea?

Moomba+ isn’t giving up our moombahcrown anytime soon and neither is Mister Luke O’Hearn.   He has a huge release of what one could describe as sounds that would be pertinent to one who’s interested in moombahton.   Take for instance the title track, “Take My Crown” which is actually song five.  It’s not exactly moombahton, as Luke puts it, “it’s unique, from his head to his feet”. Definitely familiar riddims but it has a dancehall vibe which is probably the thing that unifies the songs on the album.  Later on in the presentation we find a minimal number (track 10 I believe) called Moombahtrap2 “Sinking Pea Mix”. It has some depth to it, I wouldn’t neccesarily refer to it as moomba or trap but that’s the theme isn’t it? The genius behind “Take My Crown” is that you can’t really classify and that is surely the artist’s intention.  I am very excited for you all to get this free download in just about any form you would like to receive it.  All you have to do is check out the formal event page on Facebook and take your pick. The link is here:

Honestly a little embarrased that I slept on this Sabbo release for a few days.  Because really, you see the words Baan ft Ear Jerker and you think awesome. Then you see Sabbo remix and you think, what the hell?  This is the moombahton formula souped up for right freakin’ now.

Pretty synthy, grindy number from LA Yaute.  He often incorporates a lot of organic sounds but not in this case.

“In Dabs We Trust” is the latest from The Al Gore Rhythm Method or TAGRM.   This one is available on Beatport via Demon Dub Records and is a trapstyle tune that will sound a lot like moombahton to you because it really is.  How sweet is synthesis.

Big tune coming from Kingman Fire, Pickster and Melo’s formal collaboration name.   This one features one of the most legitimate moombahvoices, the one belonging to FeralIsKinky.  Check her out as often as you can, she’s always on that new.


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