Dillon Francis Live in Concert and More!!

by The Zeusian on November 19, 2012


Hey guys and dolls! This past weekend, I went to see the Wet & Reckless Tour starring Dillon Francis, Baauer and Clockwork. Three huge DJs from Mad Decent in one venue is definitely a masta blasta (HA!). I was doing the Harlem Shake acting like a titan on Friday night. Well, without further delay, here is a recap.


Coming off fresh from his Sandunga EP released by Deadly Viper Recordings, Fake Moustache releases a Moombahchero track titled “Guarachero Non Stop”. There is a heavy rift sound going on during the track that reminds you of C+C Music Factory.


I love growing up listening to Eurodance/House anthems like Another Night by Real McCoy. Local Moombahton DJ 3RC did a catchy remix of the hit club anthem.


This next one is a transitional Moombahton to Trap remix of Immortal Technique’s “Freedom of Speech” from MACROHARD. The moombahton kick kept it Disney kid-friendly with Pinocchio singing I’ve Got No Strings untils Ackbar came flying in and start shooting laser beams and shit at Pinocchio. Then, the trap is being run by Immortal Technique.


Dire Disorder remixes “Barbie Weed” by Sam Tiba. There is alot of throbbing bass sequences that will totally keep you wanting for more with this remix.

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