New Dire Disorder and More!

by The Zeusian on November 30, 2012


Hello, ladies and gentleman! Coming off the heels of ƱZ and gLAdiator concert that I went to last night which I’ll cover in a later post because I lost my soul in the trap, #AckbarStyle. Without furter delay, everyone is getting very special ear treats today. Treats so yummy that makes earswax into honey. Toasty!!! Let’s get right into the tunes.

First off is Dire Disorder’s remix of Niña Dios’ “2 Cool 4 School”. It’s a Moombahrap joint. Very catchy beat and the vocals blends in with each kick.


Fake Moustache did an edit of Snow Balderas’ track “Kual Mashup”. This is a straight up banger and its continuing on the Moombahrap genre. Time to throw them ‘bows


MACROHARD recently drop a moombahton track that consists of well-known samples called “SampleS SymmetricalS”. Kanye West is somewhere interrupting somebody to say he’s the best at using samples.


This next track is a tribal moombahton from The 13th Tribe called “Con Con”. There is an uplifting speech that brings the track into a euphoric state of mind.


Coming in later today as a free download is this track from TeenWolf and Shelco Garcia entitled “Chopped”. The drops and builds are legit twerk that ass bouncers.


Everyone love them some Frank Ocean. I know I do! Jamrock came out with an edit of “Novacane”. His edit brings a ragga vibe with Ocean’s “sex them up” vocals.


Rounding out the list is local Moombahton DJ 3RC’s remix of GTA’s “Booty Bounce”. The remix kept the OG bounce and it got ran through the Ackbar trap like fuckin’ Don Juan and his pimp cup. This right here will bring all the ratchet out of the girls when the 808 kick hits instantly. Also, I saw 3RC dropped this remix live at ƱZ and gLAdiator show last night.

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