The End Of The Year Extravaganza PT 1

by Moomba Plus on December 30, 2012

Christmas came early to Moombaville and the presents haven’t stopped dropping.    It’s Christian Rokk, I’ve had a hell of a holiday season and I want to round up all of the free tunes that have been released recently.  It’s a stack of them so let’s get to it! The gang at Rot10 Musik had […]

Top Ten Real Trap Shizz of 2012

by The Zeusian on December 28, 2012

Good afternoon to all. In the year 2012, there was a new EDM genre called Trap hits the clubs, scenes and ears. Trap is also can be called Trapstyle, Trapstep and/or Trill depends on the person perception of the genre. What a few DJs and producers did is bring an Hip-Hop/Rap vibe to the club […]

It’s A LocoMotive Christmas!

by The Zeusian on December 24, 2012

  Merry Christmas!!! To every ratchet ass-twerkers and ragegeeks, y’all will be getting a special Christmas gift today and Moomba+ is bringing it express mail. Today marks the exclusive release of LocoMotive’s remix of T.O.K. banging tune of “Chi-Chi Man”. T.O.K. are a dancehall riddim group from Kingston, Jamaica. They are composed of four members. […]

Mayans and Moombahton!!

by The Zeusian on December 21, 2012

Phew! I see that everybody survived the end of the world today. The Mayans aren’t that good of foreshadowing destruction or end of the world chaos that well. Kinda sounds like the Legion of Doom trying to take over the world. Meanwhile, this past latter half of the week, there were some more big, huge […]

Tuesday Tuneage

by Moomba Plus on December 18, 2012

  I truly hope that everyone enjoyed Moombahton Monday/National Bring Ya Booty Day yesterday.   I know I was impressed with the music that was released in the last 48 hours in both the moombahton and trap worlds.   Yesterday, Ian rounded up some of those releases for you.  I’m gonna check out a few […]

Stas’ Carvan and More!

by The Zeusian on December 17, 2012

Hello booty shaking gals and ragebros! Today, I’ll be bringing everyone massive desserts for your ears. These snacks are scrumptious as s’mores at a bonfire drinking servezas in a middle of woodsy Long Island hosted by MiniMaxX. #WheresMiniMaxX By the time y’all get done with these club hoppers, everyone is going to be in a […]

LocoMotive’s Preview & More!

by The Zeusian on December 14, 2012

Good afternoon folks on the interwebs. Today, I’ll be highlighting massive Moombahton tunes and mixes that is car amplifier ready. These next list of tunes and mixes are meant to be blast in the deaf child area in a neighborhood (ratchet thoughts). So, to mess with the deafness, just blast these bangers in the ‘hood […]

The R.O.A.R. “Emotion 32” Chooky Remix (Free Download)

by Moomba Plus on December 11, 2012

I have no idea why this track isn’t getting more plays or downloads but I wanted to make sure I did my best to change that with what resources I have to work with. This track is a banger and definitely deserves some digital ink.  Moomba+ should always be your daily resource for the best […]

Amidst Ambit Glovers Interview!

by The Zeusian on December 10, 2012

Today folks, I got this exclusive interview from a gloving team called Amidst Ambit Glovers a.k.a AAG based out of Tampa, Florida. M+: Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman. This is The Zeusian reporting live for Moomba+. Conducting an interview with Bobby Huertas a.k.a BoJangles from Amidst Ambit Glovers better known as AAG which is located […]