Fanstastic Friday!

by The Zeusian on December 7, 2012


“It’s Friday, it’s Friday, everyone gotta get down on Friday!” – From the best pop singer of all time, Rebecca fuckin’ Black quoted this last year. She made alot of YouTube views and publicity in a bad way but besides that, today I’ll be highlighting tunes for everyone! Let’s get this weekend off with a banger!!

First off, Neki Stranac been doing his stranger danger dance with his newest remix of Arno Cost’s “Lifetime”. The remix is a Moombahcore joint with very heavy synths after the drops hits. This is definitely an Twerk Team ass shaker.


Rising Trapstyle group Watapachi releases their first Moombahton remix and they did it with a bang by choosing Torro Torro. They remixed the the track “Blue Blouse”. I like the way they keep a lil Trap with the Woof sample. Overall, this remix is a legit banger, a party starter banger.


LocoMotive recently releases a Christmas Moombahton song entitled “Wish You A Merry Christmas”. The “Feliz Navidad” lyrics blends in smoothly with the build right before it drops in a straight out club jumper.


Sandwich Island Bass did a Moombahsoul remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”. The remix is on that Color Me Badd swag, pop this tune on and turn up the Marvin Gaye action in the bed (winky face).


Out of the million remixes of Knife Party’s “Internet Friends”, this Trap remix from heRobust caught my eye. It’s brings a fresh take on a huge tune from Knife Party and revived it to the Trap scene.


DJ Reck just drops “I Love Cumbia! Mix 02”. This mix brings a Latino vibe. Anytime when there is a block party, grab your boomboxes and blast this out loud. Viva la fiesta!!

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