Mayans and Moombahton!!

by The Zeusian on December 21, 2012


Phew! I see that everybody survived the end of the world today. The Mayans aren’t that good of foreshadowing destruction or end of the world chaos that well. Kinda sounds like the Legion of Doom trying to take over the world. Meanwhile, this past latter half of the week, there were some more big, huge jammers got out for everyone to jam, nod their head, twerk their ass & expressing yourselves. Without further delay, grab your headphones, turn up those speakers and break the decibel levels on them masta blastas with these next few tracks.

Everyone loves Christmas. Gifts, ornaments & kissing random drunk girls under a mistletoe are the essentials of the joyous holiday. DJ SuperStereo is giving out a present with a Balkan-fused Cumbia version of Jingle Bells called “Balkan X-mass”. It’s a Moombah-mas this year.


Maskuerade came out two big Moombahton edits this week. One edit is a refix of Blacklights’ remix of deadmau5 & Kaskade hit “Move For Me”. The edit brings out a soothing vibe with the vocals.


The other edit from Maskuerade is the Tommy Trash’s remix of Steve Forte Rio & Lindsey Ray tune “Slumber”. This edit stills keep the trance builds and the house feel to it with the Moombahton sound blends in nicely.


Relize came out with his remix of Busta Rhymes’ “Touch It”. The tune is a sex me up in the bed banger. Also, it kept the Daft Punkesque chorus from the original Busta Rhymes’ song. This is out for all the slow twerkers that be out their grinding on the dancefloor.


Swag Nites did a Moombahall remix of Serani’s “No Games”. The remix kept the Dancehall sound from the classic track itself. With Swag Nites remix, the moombah brings out Serani’s vocals really solid with the remix.


Can you feel the love? I always feels it around me. Spenda C can, too. He just released his booty remix of Rudimental’s & John Newman’s Drum ‘n’ Bass track “Feel The Love”. The remix gives out an massive Moombahcore kick. Also, there is a Fatman Scoop sample that is in the remix which brings a smile to my face when hearing it. Definitely a keeper with this remix from Spenda C.


Freaky Philip came out with huge banger this week called “Shake The Body”. The track brings your soul out of your body with the dembow drops. So, literally, you be shaking your body to this huge one.

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