New EntransiK, Kapo, DJ Reck And More!

by The Zeusian on January 15, 2013


Well, yesterday I couldn’t give everyone all the tunes that I want to give y’all so this is more eargasmic sounds for today. These songs are songs that also slipped through the cracks in the relatively new year of 2013. This year have been going full speed like a NASCAR around Talladega in the draft for Moombahton. Without any Kyle Busch dumping Jeff Gordon incidents, let me bring everyone some massive bangers that are hot and club ready for the dancefloor. SUCIAS stand-up!!!

Have anyone got themselves tested for the clap? If not, EntransiK is playing Operation board game as the doctor for “Chlamydia”. This tune is sick and not that type of sick. It’s brings an upbeat drum kick to the vibe of the tune. The synths are popping when the drop hits. Also, the builds are huge with this joint by keeping it heavy excitement when the drop kicks in. Chlamydia is one of the bangers that will brings people jumping insane for more.


Kapo just released his track “Duro” yesterday. Duro is a good old Moombahton with the OG dembow sound and the Reggaeton samples from Hector El Father. The sample vocals are use really solid in each of the builds. Then, the first drop incorporates a wild police siren mixed in with Duro samples. But, the second drop of the song really turns up and make normal bible study girls into freaks.


DJ Reck teams up with Morning High to brings an edit of Kimbra’s “Settle Down”. The vocals of Kimbra is always a plus when a Moombahton DJ uses it to a remix or a tune. Whether if it’s Warrior or Somebody That I Used To Know, Kimbra’s voice brings an urgence of euphoria to this edit. Morning High and DJ Reck makes an good Moombahchill edit that is suited on a good dinner date with a special love one for this song.


This next track is massive. It’s called “Bumper” by Noizekid. With samples from Pitbull and Voltio, the joint “Bumper” is fast paced and packed with energy. The song have a Moombahcore vibe to it when it drops. This one is calling out all sucias to get twerking.


Rounding out is some Jamacian-infused Moombahton. A bootleg remix made by Sflower and Wessel S of Leftside featuring Syon dancehall hit “Ghetto Gyal Wine”. The remix stays true to the original version. There is a solid dembow beat to this remix. The vocals are pure vibing with what Wessel S and Sflower came up with. You can slow dagger grind to this all night long.

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