Moombahton Forever

by Moomba Plus on January 17, 2013


From the Album Notes:

This compilation is a snapshot of Moombahton in 2013, nearly three years after Dave Nada slowed dutch house down to reggaeton tempo for a basement full of buckwild Latino kids in Baltimore.  All the major players in the nascent genre come together with their A-game on Moombahton Forever, from originators Nadastrom, Sabo and Munchi to early adopters Heartbreak, Tittsworth, Ayres, Sazon Booya, Pickster and Melo to rave superstars Craze, GTA and Dillon Francis.  All facets of the movement are represented: wild dutch synths (Deth, How Y’all Feel), huge buildups (Alerta, Dibby Dibby), reggaeton rhythms (Mami Whine It Up, La Brasilena), moombahcore (Gotta Know, Killa), deep vibes (Vibracion, Suenos), weird experimentalism (Savage Beauty, Club 219), and even a tempo tool from Moombahton to house (Eat It).

Hey folks! Big day at Moomba+.  Why? Because we chose to name our blog after moombahton.  No if’s, and’s or but’s.  There will never be a Trap+.  We take the concept of Moombahton Forever very seriously and obviously the folks at T&A Records do too because COT DAYUMM IS THIS ALBUM HOT!   When I first got it I couldn’t believe it.  I still can’t.   Perhaps the most amazing thing is that you can buy the WAV’s at Beatport but you can have the whole compilation for free right now!  Above we posted Valentino Khan and ETC!ETC! “Eat It”.   There is actually a second version on the compilation and you can check out the entire album.  We’ve posted previews and reviews for over two weeks on Moomba+ but we will do a roundup of our favorite tunes and best thoughts on the subject after the break.

Christian Rokk’s Top Five

It’s totally stupid to take what may be the best album of all time and then try and pick favorites.  So let’s do it! This is based on three weeks of DJing with these tracks and is not a review of their production quality but rather, five tracks I found highly useful on the floor.

1. GTA “Alerta”

I could drop this song at anytime in my sets and get a good crowd reaction.   I still play “Bashin” and “Selekta” and the various VIP’s and remixes heavily because I want to see that Latin moombahton dancefloor reaction.   The girls should feel like “OK, it’s time to dance now”.  This song does that as well as any song I’ve ever had the pleasure of spinning. Floor filler.

2. Sazon Booya x Aglory “La Jungla”

“Dude, get off my laptop.”  I didn’t play a venue large enough to see what this one can really do to a seething dancefloor but it was exclusive Rot10 fire so you know I played it often.  Often enough to see that it pulled DJ’s to my laptop like moths to a flame.  Someday soon I shall take an auditorium apart with this track.  I recommend you do the same.

3. Aggrokids “Killa”

So this is Rell and Heartbreak.  ‘Nuff said.   But not really.  So here is the deal, this track is exactly what it’s named. A KILLA.  If this song had some sort of extended breakdown with more ambience to give them a break and wind back up, it would be perfect.  This song is what I used to want from a Renegade Hardware drum and bass tune.  High compliment from me.   But, those tracks had some blank space to work with and I think this AWESOME song lacks that.  BTW, can you guys make some drum and bass?

4. Bro Safari and UFO! “Savage Beauty”

If you have one of those opening spots for a big act and you think they are playing Electro and Trap, so you are gonna drop some moombahton, I say open with this track.  Major thunder stealing business.   In fact, this is the best opening track ever for a willing crowd.

5. Tittsworth “Club 219”

I don’t know if you’ve played or heard this track but I will be playing this for years.   It’s sort of just slow house music IMO (everyone yell at me) and therefore, I love it.   Deep, dark stuff that comes with a bonus dub (track 19)

The Zeusian’s Top Five

The day has finally arrived. T&A Records released their Moombahton Forever compilation. Seventeen tracks of heaters, bangers and club poppers. There are five tracks that stands out to my ears alot. These are the five below.

1. LeDoom – “Deth”

Deth brings a vibrant synth to the track. The builds provides a riveting ecstasy of excitement that surrounds the track. LeDoom’s style of Moombahcore (Doombahton/Doombahcore) will makes all the clubbers rage into the brink of insanity on the dancefloor.

2. Kingman Fire – “Mami Whine It Up”

The duo of Pickster One and Melo, collectively known as Kingman Fire contribute to the comp with “Mami Whine Up”. The track got a reggaeton vibe with the drum patterns and dembow beat kick. Also, a little chant that leads up to the build.

3. Jay Fay – “Dibby Dibby”

Jay Fay’s “Dibby Dibby” is what I really like about Moombahton. Long heightening builds, gnarly bass and Crookers’ influenced vocals. Dibby, Dibby, Dibby SOUND!

4. DJ Ayres – “Sueños”

The track “Sueños” got this soulful jazz sound that I can’t get out of my head. Track reminds me of the Gran Turismo menu music. The vibes of “Sueños” is soothing and the vocals are uplifting. This tune is one of those that you needs for a romantic ending of a dinner date.

5. Craze – “How Y’all Feel”

Using an Run-DMC sample, Craze brought me back to my Hip-Hop roots from growing up in New York with “How Y’all Feel”. The sample is greatly immense as apart of the build of the track. This song will be a good tool right when the party is getting ready to jump. The drops are heavy along with the sample that will make everyone goes berserk on the dancefloor.

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