From The Depths…

by The Zeusian on January 22, 2013


Let’s get ready for new tunes from new faces! Today marks the many of upcoming days of never before heard DJs and producers that are apart of the Moombahton movement. These twerk-attention grabbers, club poppers and speaker blasters are meant to be played at the highest volume. You know the volume that can’t be reach because of the knob limit threshold, that is the volume that must be used for the next six tracks.

Wanna go crazy? Let’s get ratchet crazy. The NiteLife shows us crazy with his tune “Go Crazy”. Using acid-laser style synths along with drum kicks, “Go Crazy” is a wilding tune for any Moombahton party and The NiteLife is only sixteen years old. He got a good future ahead of him.


Dancehall artist Ce’cile gets the Moombahton fix from Canadian DJ/producer RT60. Boasting an 8 bit theme to this track, it will fits perfectly playing Mario Kart. The vocals blends in with the build and hypes it up.


Rogal!k from Poland had this song called “Game” which also uses an 8 bit sound. Fusing the dembow kick and 8 bit together, “Game” brings an unique style of Moombahton to a forefront.


If you need a song to get you through an workout session, I suggest Multiplier’s “To The Top”. With long builds and a dembow sound, To The Top represents Moombahton at it finest.


Here is a new Moombahton genre called Moombahstyle. The genre fuses Hardstyle and Moombahton together. DevanMist did a remix of SMF’s classic Hardstyle track “Hahaha”. Incorporating the hardstyle synths and creating a moombahcore vibe to the remix track. Also, there is a little Trapaton portion in time as the second drop kicks in.


Mackai’s “Mutant” brings a filthy sound. In “Mutant”, the builds are moving then it drops in a glitch hop/moombahcore that wants you to get up and jumps around.

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