Foxsky, Favela Trap and Funky Tunes!

by The Zeusian on January 25, 2013

Inspector Gadget

Hello everyone! I hope yesterday was full chock of surprises to the Moombahton world with Sazon Booya’s Oye Mami EP. In addition to Sazon Booya’s EP release of “Oye Mami”, there were some other notable releases that graces Oye Mami Day. Ranging from a preview of a Baile Funk-inspired Trap compilation to an nostalgic cartoon of the past to good ol’ Moombahton songs; yesterday and the past few days had alot of music coming out. Enjoy the following tunes and cheers!

Go go rubber legs. Go go fist pump. Go go Foxsky! Coming off the heels of Kirby Smash, Foxsky went down childhood memory lane with a Moombahton remix of “The Inspector Gadget Theme”. The remix is Moombahcore with a little bit of Glitch Hop fused together. Next time, Gadget. NEXT TIME! – Dr. Claw


DJ Comrade de Xao strikes again this week. After appearing on the Oye Mami EP, Comrade released a teaser video preview of his Baile Funk-inspired Trap compilation album entitled “Favela Trap” on YouTube. The video contains glimpses of three songs from the comp featuring MC Ialy, Cesar Do Castro and MC Fernandinha in the teaser. You can buy the comp album off of Amazon and iTunes.


Keeping in the same lines with Comrade and the Oye Mami tie-ins, Valentino Khan recently releases a Trap banger called “Twerk 4 Gold”. Who needs cash for gold when you can hire the Twerk Team to give it to you?


Neki Stranac returns with a few songs this week. One of the songs is a remix of DJ Monxa’s & Audio Floor’s “Carnival”. The remix have laser synths builds and a dembow that is bass heavy.


Then, the next one from Neki Stranac is an edit of General Tosh “Nekomimi”. Having some small excerpts of PSY’s Gangnam Style in this edit will brings the common ears together. Party down in Tokyo.

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