Major Album Reviews!!!

by The Zeusian on February 4, 2013


Hello everyone! Today is reviews of 4 albums and EPs. The EPs and albums are from all facets of the world. Spanning from Germany to Denmark to the USA, Moombahton was getting alot of love over the past weekend. This is the love that your parents warned you about during childhood, the love that is when you can’t get away from it. But, if you do; you will be drawn right back into it like a bumblebee collecting pollen from flowers. Roses to be exact (gotta keep it exotic). Ya dig? Now, lets review these albums and EPs!!

Coming in first is Danish Moombahton DJ/producer Tom Minor’s EP called “Calle Oua”. Releasing out on Bad Shoes Records as a free download, Calle Oua consists of six tracks ranging from Moombahdeep to Moombahcore with two remixes of the self-titled track that are Jungle and Electro-House respectfully coming from Ear Jerker and Manics. The way how the tracklist is to the EP makes it a throbbing EP to grab and play on repeat.


This next EP is from a relatively new Moombahton DJ on the scene named Burn The Disco. Hailing from New Mexico, Burn The Disco released his second EP this past weekend called “Infinity”. The EP have two tracks which are “Infinity” and “Deja Vu”. In the track Infinity, the title track, the Moombahton takes a deep sound and tone. The second track Deja Vu have a club hopping sound that will make the asses bounce harder then ever before.


Robs & Duke of Germany releases their album yesterday titled “Super Owl”. With eight tracks from Moombahton, Trap, Electro, Moombahcore and Complextro, the EP have genres to please all listeners. The track “Demolation Squad” have a Mumbai Science, Paul Chambers feel to it with the heavy synths and electrified builds. “Come On” got the classic dembow that we all love in Moombahton.


Rounding out the reviews is the Steve Ohh Ton! compilation album from Rot10 Musik. Containing six tracks from hottest talented DJs in the scene, Steve Ohh Ton! comp brings Moombahton of different styles, tracks like Paul Lee’s “The Steve Ohh Ton! Anthem” and Puga’s “Naria” specializing in Middle Eastern/Indian/Bollywood transitional Moombah vibes, MiniMaxX & DJEJ with Corrupted Data’s Moombahcore banger “Fire Now”, Hoodie’s bouncing tune “Dancefloor”, Stereothieves’ “She’s A Freak” have a minimal sound with bass kicks and DJ Madd OD’s and Voltio’s collabo “Peso” brings the Reggaeton to the song. This comp packs a punch and will keep you wanting for more. You can grab it on Beatport under the Rot10 Musik page.






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