New Paul Lee, LocoMotive, Milo & Otis Plus More!

by The Zeusian on February 13, 2013

Memebahton EP

You know what day it is? HUMP DAY! That’s right, today is Wednesday and there are some Moombahton club poppers and bangers that needs tender loving. There is a EP that came out this past week that focuses on 4chan/internet memes with troll faces as the coverart. A quality Moombahton mix also hit the soundwaves that is twerk-a-licious ready for the dancefloor. Last but certainly not least, newest track releases from the future of Moombahton. So, grab those noise-cancelling headphones, turn up the subwoofer bass and set up the amps because it about to get dutty wine in a second.

Milo & Otis recently released their EP solely based on internet memes called The Memebahton EP. Consists of three tracks from well known troll face memes respectfully titled “Bitch Please (Virgin Ya)”, “(Feel) Like A Sir” and “Me Gusta”. The track Bitch Please (Virgin Ya) uses samples from The Chemical Brothers’ classic Galvanize. The second track on the EP, “(Feel) Like A Sir” incorporates an action movie-themed Moombahton with suspense builds and Matrix-style Moombahcore drops. The last track Me Gusta got a latino influenced style to it.


Cortez Syndicate did a bootleg on Gipsy Kings “Bamboleo”. The bootleg includes a break that uses an original portion of the song that leads into a dembow drum kick. What gets me everytime in the bootleg is right where the drops come, the line “To the bassline”. That line have me jumping in a frenzy.


Recently, Paul Lee started a Facebook fan page. In addition of his fan page, he was campaigning for the first 100 fans will get an unreleased tune. In a matter of three days, Paul Lee reached 100 likes on his fan page therefore a unreleased tune got drops to the public for the support. The song called Fucks Yo Bitch Through The Back. I know Sazon Booya drops the song live out in Los Angeles a few weeks ago over at Dim Mak Studios. The backspins…that is all I got to say.


LocoMotive released their mixtape DANGER Vol. 2 a few days ago. The mixtape have 50 tracks in one hour of nothing but Moombahton. Reaching the max download limit in a day, this mixtape is one to grab for.


Also, in addition to the mixtape, LocoMotive releases an extended version of The Muffin Man track. Do you know the muffin man?

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