What The Cornuts?!

by The Zeusian on February 20, 2013

Good afternoon folks! In addition of the introduction to No Joda earlier today, Moombaplus is excited to bring everyone an exclusive release of Nanoworld’s newest Trap banger. As most of you know, Nanoworld was feature in an article a month ago with a few tracks. The new tune is called Cornuts. With laser-style synths, Hey! […]

Meet No Joda

by Moomba Plus on February 20, 2013

Hey guys and gals! Meet Alex Martinez who works under the moniker, No Joda.  I’ve really been digging his unreleased track, “Manic in Miami” which drops in March on Yucatech Recordings.  I’ve also left some other recent works from his Soundcloud for you to check out including another forthcoming release on Relentik Records as well […]