New Kid on the Block

by Moomba Plus on February 23, 2013


Were you starting to think that Moombaton was losing its originality? Well that could never happen especially when there are constantly new producers popping up with new tracks that are full of surprises. Which brings me to D-Dots. He’s from Bedford, UK and started producing last summer. He’s only 14 and has a collab with No Joda which will be released on a compilation on Relentik Records. He also is working on his own E.P. for Relentik which will contain his track “Capirpela.” This track is something fresh. The track starts out as a banger which has you bobbing your head. It transitions into lasers which instantly get you moving. The buildup makes me think of that epic moment right before an insane drop. The drop itself is insane. The music afterwards has your brain literally shaking. There’s no other way to describe how it feels.



Another track of D-Dots includes, “F*** Yeah” which gets you pumped. Of course the lasers come in right on time. (I really like these lasers.) This track does not have an epic drop, but it is more like a mellow bring down to the original beat and it works great for this song.



One last track I’ll include is “Mango.” This track starts off sounding like your regular Moombahton song. However, it’s not your average song. It gets you jumping and bumpin’. Once again there is no HUGE drop, but more a mellow melt into the song which works perfectly for this track exactly how it worked for the previous track.



D-Dots has collabs with Corrupted Data, EntransiK, and many others in store for us. This new kid on the block has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see what other tracks he creates. Don’t forget to show your love and support for him by liking  him on Facebook at or following him on Twitter at Peace and love all.


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