Gotta Have It

by Moomba Plus on February 26, 2013


Here are some of the sounds that our staff writer, Christian Rokk, is really hot on right now.  A major and welcome trend that is hardly new is the trap-a-ton movement.   Munchi, the Muevelo crew and Oktored are folks who really helped establish this sound but recent entries from Gooffee, Mixmash Records and others have shown this sub genre is alive and well.  Lots of good trap tunes have been coming out, in particular, some good chill “drug step” can be found in this article and of course, we cover some straight up moombahton because that’s what we do.  The first track we feature today is from Gooffee and it’s a 110bpm workout featuring ODB and a half time breakdown to get you swingin’ them ‘bows. Get a copy of “Killer Ants” and kill your dancefloors.

Blogged this babySTEPS remix from the Mad Decent/Muevelo “Trapical EP” about a month ago but I’ve played it every day since then and it is one of the best examples of what trap-a-ton should sound like.  “KAT!E”!!!!

Another oldie but goodie but Oktored has been doing trap style tunes at 110bpm longer and better than most.

And the gold standard in recent trap-a-ton releases may be the Holy Ship! EP from Shelco and Teenwolf.  Cop these joints now and utilize that Holy Ship transition until folks get sick of it.  Maybe it will be the next Harlem Shake if we do a good enough job.

Now we move on to some current trap releases.   One head turner that showed up yesterday was from Proximus.   It’s a rework of an Enya song and would work really good with the chillstep sounds coming out in a variety of modern day genres.  Maximal retreats, minimal returns.

Next, we move on to some other chill trap music, or “Drug Trap”, as Cy Kosis calls it.  Call it what you wanna call it, I’m a funky vibe-a-holic.

And of course we need a couple bangers in order to say we really run the trap.  Here they come folks. (PS…don’t edit your Soundcloud to make it so people can’t embed tracks on their page. That’s just dumb.  Two trap guys aren’t getting blogged because you are dumb and I couldn’t post the SC player for your track)

And finally more moombahton.  We start with an excellent track from DJ Kayjay, “Movin” which is featured on the Ninthwave Mooombahton Nation 4 compilation.  Definitely good stuff, support if you can.

I don’t know what Rokk you live under that you haven’t heard this track but move it.

And finally, I leave you with a moombahton mix that my partner and I did to promote our radio show on this website. Tune in to Moomba+ every Saturday from 6pm-9pm EST to hear live mixing and the freshest moombahton.



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