Gunslingaz Volume 3

by Moomba Plus on March 1, 2013

So it’s likely that if you are a follower of Moomba+, then you are familiar with the Mendez and the El Cuco Recordings family.  One of the first “crews” I was familiar with when beginning my moombahton journey of discovery, I’ve been lucky enough to partner with Mendez on a variety of Moomba+ related projects, posts and radio shows.  He is truly one of the best and when you throw in names like Melo and Pickster (now Kingman Fire, both of Moombahton Massive fame), Riot Earp and Sluggo you’ve got one hell of an album on your hands.  So without any further ado, let’s check out the tracks on this massive new release, AZ Gunslingaz Volume 3.

Mendez comes with two amazing solo originals.  The first one is an anthemic moombahton banger that is very much different but in a similar style to “Bullfighter” in that it takes a style of music you are familiar with and flips in a moombahcore fashion like only Mendez can.  The second offering is called “In Love Again” and is what I like to call “real” moomba.  I don’t even know what that means upon some reflection but I guess it’s my way of saying I like it.

The Pickster track is something I’m really into right now.  I don’t always know the in’s and out’s of each new genre and style but I’ve really enjoyed the recent Zouk Bass releases, a sound pioneered by Buraka Som Sistema, but carried on by names like Munchi, Hataah, Pickster and frequently featured on Cassette Blog to name check a few supporters.  I just know that it’s rolly basslines and tropical flavor.  Sold.

Kingman Fire take the 108bpm sound and flip it in another direction.  Heavy “Planet Rock” style elements are involved in this storming track called “Electro Rock”.  It’s chill and brutally hard at the same time.  Absolutely worth a peak.  What surprised me is that I expected the Kingman Fire track to be the best collaboration on this release and it’s not.  Nope.  Melo teams up with Riot Earp to kick down some chilled out 110bpm favor in the form of “Hunnit”.   Such a good soulful track, it’s like listening to Skream when you’ve been listening to Skrillex for a week.  And to round out this beast of an album, Riot Earp solos on the track, I.D.F.A. which is an acronym for go listen to the album bitch and find out for yourself.  The AZ Gunslingaz got g….g…g…gunz on their waste. Who Gwan Test?

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