Midnight Snacks

by The Zeusian on March 1, 2013


The past few days, I had a midnight craving. I was walking to my fridge grabbing blackberries, blueberries, pineapple slices, vanilla ice cream and hershey’s mini bars. Basically, anything that is sweet, I got my hands on. One of those nights, I decided to go on my laptop and went on the internet. After 25 minutes of web browsing, I came across some gnarly Moombahton edits & remixes, crazy Dutch Electro-House tracks and a Moombahmaestro from Finland. If this was Vegas, I hit the jackpot. I was thinking to myself, these tracks and DJs/Producers need some exposure and I can’t hog all the midnight snacks around here. Now there some gems that are familiar with others. Get ready to devour the sweets!

Have anyone heard of Finnish Moombahton? I for one never knew Moombahton got out that far. That’s until I came across Jean Nine. Jean dabbles into everything from his Soundcloud profile, Electro-House, Downtempo, Drum n Bass, Trip Hop, Glitch Hop, etc. You name the genre and Jean Nine did a track in the respective genre. He did Moombahton for a little bit. He did a few original productions and a couple of remixes. One of his original have muffled cut midway of the track that builds back into the dembow. One remix from Jean Nine is a famous Finnish polka song from Loituma called Ieva’s Polka. The remix got a Moombahcore/Dubstep breakdown. The remix that he did of Jukka Poika’s Silkkii stays true to the classic but with a dancehall-style dembow kick, the vocals blends in well.




Mr. Sir recently came out his Progressive Moombahton original entitled “Journey To Nowhere”. The track takes Progressive House and Moombahton together into a dreamy mood.


Local Moombahton DJ/Producer 3RC releases his extended VIP version of Cat In The Bag. With lines from the movie “Funny Games”, Cat In The Bag got minimal vibe to the track


DJ Frogg did a Swing Moombahton track called Swingahton. DJ Frogg took a classic Swing/Big Band song and flips it into a Moombahton pumper. I’m really interested in the new subgenre and would like to hear more Swing songs gets Moombahtonized. Rhythm!


Sloth of Sweden whipped up a remix of N*ggas In Paris by Kanye West and Jay-Z.


DJ G1LLY took a Moroccan rap hit and made a Transitional Moombahton remix out of it. The track that DJ G1LLY remixes is called Ana Maghrabi by Appa & Douzi. The original is on that Real Trap Shit level.


El Cuco Recordings’ own Mendez recently did a Moombahton rework of Tiesto’s Remix of Zedd’s club banger Clarity. The builds are atmospheric with the drops goes straight up Oscar the Grouch filth in a matter of seconds. Definitely, this rework will make all the booty pops and sweatin’ from mollys (like the genre description of this track).


M-Rock from Canada did a Moombahop edit of Jay-Z and Pharrell hit I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me). Make the jiggy jiggles!


Hailing from Detroit, Michigan; Regnasty is making some wild Moombahton edits of Trap, Electro-House & House bangers. For one instance, Regnasty did a reflux of Baan’s Trap track Bitch, I’m Batman. Also, a few of the edits are Douster’s club starters as well as Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine’s Drop Acid. He even did a remix of a Neki Stranac’s edit. I’m convinced that Regnasty and Neki Stranac are the Princes of the Moombahton edits.





Mr. Vega of Sazon Booya did a mix for Fingers On Blast. The mix runs fifty minutes in length and expands in four genres ranging from Moombahton to Trap to Electro-House to Kuduro. In the mix that Mr. Vega put out, he got alot of new, unreleased material that is hella crazy awesome. Just clicks play and let this mix takes you to a higher ground.

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