by Moomba Plus on March 6, 2013


“Whatever I say, ya’ll gotta do”.   That’s the sample from Sluggo and LeDoom’s “Drop Your Jaw” and if you are asking me, I say you have to download this bitch right now. So, since I said it, you HAVE to do it.  I wouldn’t piss off LeDoom.  I heard he has “ins” with some gnarly demons.   But in all seriousness, Doctor Doom has “ins” in the music industry and one bangin’ ass new four track EP recently released for free on Play Me Records.  “Drop Your Jaw” is a massive slice of moombahcore damage but there is more to this release than that.

“Remission” is a UK Funky sort of thing if I’m not mistaken, because it’s LeDoom, it has a certain hard edge to it.  I don’t know if I’m off base saying this or not but I saw awhile ago that LeDoom really liked the Skrillex “Leaving” EP and can’t help but wonder if this song is influenced by that album or not.  Whatever, you will like “Remission” and the little flip at the end and the piano riff too…..doe.

“Quija” has a great sample.  It is much in the vein of earlier LeDoom releases like the Doombah EP in which the title track used the long “If they’re still dancing…let ’em dance” sample to ill effect.  The thing is, this isn’t moombahton but a much funkier, faster house thing that much like the other tracks defies a little bit of genre classification. But, it’s massive and classic Josh Vela.

And now for the title track, “DVRKNESS OVER EVERYTHING”.  Tense strings and an epic sci fi build up give way a beat your grandma would kill for.  Wait! What? I said that wrong.  I meant to say “a beat that will kill your grandma”. This new upbeat style of LeDoom’s is AMAZING.  If you need 110bpm in your life, “Drop Your Jaw” is the ticket.  But if you just need good jams, time to get DVRK.

I know this blog post comes a little late but I hope LeDoom forgives us.  We really love this ‘ting. Also, have you checked out Play Me’s Soundcloud lately? Holy fakk.

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