Dat Moombahton ft Paul Lee, Cratesz and Corrupted Data and More!

by Moomba Plus on March 11, 2013


So here is some of the moombahton that I’ve been feeling. It’s been terrific focusing on more or less one genre for the last year but like the rest of the world, time moves on and so do we.  I am 110% sure that the moombahton movement is alive and healthy and have made many posts here and on Facebook attesting to my faith in the movement.  However, I think I’ve plied my trade long enough here at Moomba+.  There are awesome new writers like Pierre Von Zeus aka Zeusian aka Ian Hoffman who will do a major service to both established and up and coming moombahtonistas.   I’m going to be pursuing other ventures so this is my last post at Moomba+.   You may occasionally hear that you are “Tuned into DJ Christian Rokk from Moomba+ Radio” but I’m going to turn this thing over to some kids who have that passion.  Unless you live under a Rokk, you will hear from me very soon. Thanks for doing that crazy dembow thing we do with me for the last sixteen months.  It’s been “real” in the truest sense of the word. To Tony Forns and the entire team at Moomba+, best wishes. To all of you….DALE!

Check out Paul Lee’s amazing take on “Bumaye”, the “it” song of the moment in moombaville!

I’m in love with Zouk Bass right now.  Check out Morrison’s take on this hot new sound which I’m sure will be featured on his compilation.

Some cool new moombahsoul from DaKnown!

Massive track from DJ Melo.  “Submarine” was for sale on his Bandcamp but he’s decided to share!

And then there is this! WTF!!! Cratesz and Corrupted Data tho.

Big tunes in the future from Savage!   This one ain’t too shabby either.

And something fresh from Stas and Deadly Viper Recordings….

And I’m out :)



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