by The Zeusian on June 11, 2013


Hey everybody! How was everyone weekend? Wild, you say, eh?! Well then, I’ll show a few tracks that will gets y’all wild. There a few body grooving EP reviews, rumpshaking bangers and deep moombahton. Grab your hair dryers and tease out your hairs to the bass.

The Crema e Gusto EP from Sabo & Melo is what every moombahtonistas dreamt of. Techy kicks, latin percs and disco-inspiring synths. The opening track “Hay Que Seguir” is a prime example of that last sentence. The title song “Crema e Gusto” breathes deep moombahton inside and out. An building chant that will makes you to do a raindance on a misty Sunday in the driveway. With “Trippin'”, it brings a 90s Golden Age Hip-Hop vibes. Instantly reminds me of Eric B. & Rakim, Trippin’ don’t sweat the technique. To obtain Crema e Gusto ep, you can buy it on Beatport.

Ackeejuice Rockers EP from Rot10 Musik is called Fat Booty. The ep contains three juicy twerkers, Fat Booty, Arab Yard and Rude Boy. From what I heard, the title track “Fat Booty” is Miley Cyrus’ go-to grind song. The song “Arab Yard” provides an blend of Arabic instruments with a dancehall groove that packs energy throughout the song. With “Rude Boy”, it draws similarity to Heartbreak’s Badman Trap tracks. But, in “Rude Boy”, the track is straight throw them ‘bows in the club. You can buy Fat Booty off of iTunes.


Do anyone need a tune that can take you to the ER at the Twerk Hospital? Well, Kapo brought another banger for that to be tested. His newest panty-dropper, “Mas Duro” will makes secretaries turns into burlesque dancers and strippers turns into nuns. Also, the cover art is homage to Superbad, one of my favorite comedy films. Now onto the song, Mas Duro got heavy percussions fused with the dembow and crazy synths which brings out the vocals and the little hip-hop portion. This song requires a warning label so I’ll advise y’all to listen cautiously and twerk that label off!


Who are The Sustice League? As mysterious as they are, they came out with a banging track awhile back. I’ve been listening to this track at least twice a week. Sometimes on repeat for 3 plays in a row, Push Dem is a Moombahton gem that oozes with wild synths in the drops. With that said, we need to crack the identity of The Sustice League.


Moombahtech DJ & Producer Beatanga returns this week with a remix of Heartbreak’s classic King Kong. His take is having minimal tech sounds and bass-driven dembow along with a humor drop that replaces the N-word to white boi and vanilla face. The sirens also plays a key part in the remix with perfect usage in the remix.


I’ve waited for months to see Push Pit gets released and finally it was released to the public. O.M.F and Mr. Vega collabo Moombahton blapper is bonkers. The rising synths and “Push” vocals what drawn me in from hearing the teaser preview. Also, the long-awaited second drop really lives up to the hype. O.M.F and Vega have created a classic.

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