Today’s Word: Moombahton!

by Moomba Plus on July 1, 2013

What’s up guys It’s Dword and I’m your newest, fully fortified, established Moombahtonista ready to bring you the sickest, dopest, and hyphyist Moombahton that gets the Moombahbirth treament WHILE DROPPIN DEMBOWS STRAIGHT INTO THE WORLD! So without further ado, I invite all of you, to blast this Moombah and join the House Party too!

“House Party” The 1st song on the illustrious Minesweepa’s EP of the same title, opens it’s doors and demands that everyone get down in the Moombahcore house. Released today under Multikill Recordings, this one ladies and gentleman, is a Beatport exclusive. BUT YOU GOTTA PAY TO GET INTO THE PARTY


Hal-V & Spacecase have been in the Moombah scene for years and when they do a remix, they don’t stick a fork in and mow that thing down as fast as they can like it’s some sort of trap, Oh no, they take their precision instruments of choice and delicately stir the melting pot of sweet sweet funky ass Moombahton sounds until it’s finally ready to be put onto a table and served up to all the hungry Moombah Boys and Girls. Chopsticks!


Here’s Woogie wreckin’ this massive new track that’ll take any ordinary house party and turn it into a Bumpin’ MoombahShack, Set up the caution signs, String up the Hazard Tape, and make sure there isn’t a weight limit cause this song is heavyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


Mendez has been playing with the monkeys and swingin’ from the trees lately and it shows as he’s earned top primate in the jungle with this remix. King Kong ain’t got shit on him!


Corrupted Data puts out fat ass track after fat ass track, and this one puts over 9000 ass shaking calories burned right in front of you, ready to be played with, smacked around, and then taken back to your MoombahPad,  Just be careful bro, I heard she’s a fad.


Good Ol’ Goodzie, always coming out with the beats that hit so hard that all the non party-goers freeze on the dance floor in straight awe of audible power. Now I was raised by the belt, and I’m not trying to be rudezy, BUT GET THE FUCK OFF THE DANCE FLOOR IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE GOODZIE


Bro Safari is producing tracks that are so damn crazy, you’ll be having a hard time just keeping a grip on reality. Hey, Bird Brain! Your mind just flew the coop, you’d better sprout wings like a mutant and go find that pile of mush cause if you don’t find it quick, it’ll be shot full of holes and put on the extinct list, courtesy of THE BRO SAFARI!!!


Welcome to Moombahtown, I want you to meet a very key player.  A candidate with talent whose running for Mayor, He’s got a couple nicknames: The Sound Permit Betrayer, The Dance Floor Flayer, The Festival Slayer, THROW YOUR HANDS UP IN PRAYER FOR THE HOLY NICK THAYER

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