Crunch-A-Tize Me Captain!

by Moomba Plus on July 2, 2013

Yo it’s Dword and today’s post is all about the Crunch. You know the Crunch, The surprise drop where you feel like you just got smashed in the face by a body pillow filled with Serotonin and It makes you munch on the inside of your cheeks like you’re having a throat seizure. 😀 That’s the Crunch, and here’s a bunch. 😀

Our first Crunchable comes from the likes of Rumer, An Up and Coming Moombahton specialist ready to make his mark on the scene, with a sick remix of Zomboy’s Here To Stay. Rumer’s given it his own twist though, and if I’ve learned anything from this remix, it’s that he’s here to stay, and he’s definitely here to slay.


:Dface and Rico have been pumping out songs for a long ass time, and time and time again they get massiver and massiver. Thanks for the Refill bartender, how about one for my crunch bowl? 😀


I figured it out. Rico’s Crunch quite obviously buries. That must be the reason why he’s on Higher Ground!

Kapo’s tunes are amazing. I have yet to find one that I don’t love. His Harlem Shake Remix is the definition of Funky. If you look up Funky in the dictionary, it’ll say (otherwise known as, Kapo – Harlem Shake Remix)

Better watch out for your girl, when this song drops, that ass is gonna be shakin’, and someone might just sneak up on her and crunch her Por Atras! (From Behind)


Ever Since I Grew Up, which wasn’t very long ago, Trill Ferrell has been putting out massive ass tracks. This one’s been fortified with a hard exterior coating though, so it’s just a little harder to bite through :p


Robs & Duke have been killing Moombahton for a long time, So Like We know what kind of songs to expect from them. Majorly dancy, with a good solid CRUNCHHHH when your feet hit the floor, especially the millionth time throughout the songs :b


Van Wall came out with this track not too long ago, with a sick ass lead and a Major catchy rhythm, the bounce in this song is massive so make sure you check for ground scores!


This new awesome track found it’s way into the world today, after listening to it (over and over I might add) I’ve decided to never have another Sandwich shipped from their Island to my house again. Who am I kidding. The crunch is making my teeth bleed, but it is oh, so delectable 😀


Puga comes out with this imported Crunch Gem, it goes so hard that your teeth break just trying to sink into it!


Like a Ninja gets the special VIP treatment into the Moombahton Crunch lounge!!!  Welcome Ming, please don’t Ninja kick my teeth out so I can’t enjoy your song :/


What! What! This song celebrated it’s first birthday recently? Oh my god, Happy birthday Torro Torro Remix! Now I have a collection of my absolute favorite Crunchables and this Remix of Que Que is at the very top. You know what they say, if you leave a box of cereal unopened, it stays good. And this song surpasses that, it will always stay great. 😀


Try not to grind your teeth too hard, Else they’ll start coming loose and MOOMBAHTONNNNNNNNN




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