#trapdown tuesday in effect!

by elpizzysofresh on July 16, 2013


I’m baaaaaack! Wassup M+ fam! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, some ups and downs with previous management, and we’re back at it! I’ll be covering mostly trap, twerk, house and anything else I’m feeling at the moment. This is where we delve into the plus side of Moomba Plus! If you are familiar with my posts, you know I don’t talk alot, and when I do I say stupid shit, so let’s get into these jammers!


Did I mention mega-post incoming?


First up Jesse Slayter with another heater! This dude is slaying the twerk sound and anything he touches atm, let’s go!


Next we have a new Beatport release from Ricky Vaughn (of Sazon Booya fame) with an official remix of How Many MC’s, a classic tune, on a classic label, full support!


The homies from down under, always stay busy! Maxx Baer graces us with his future purple rework of Justin Timberlake’s Love Sex Magic, this one is essential for your sets!


Up next we have a name that is new to me, Red Milk from Lithuania puts some love on Busta Rhymes insta-classic Twerk It, I bet if you ask nicely he will send it over to ya!


Now we get controversial up in this bitch, new heat from CROWN featuring Mike Posner, Boaz, and wait for it… RiFF RAFF! Produced by Diplo. Love it or hate it, Moomba Plus game Higha Level!


Don’t think I was gonna leave you Jersey club heads out! Sweatin’ Theme from K Millz snags a very familiar sample and rubs it the right way. WOO!



Our buddy Oxgaz consistently puts out quality jams, this time flipping some hardstyle into an epic trap banger, complete with distorted 303’s! Throwback vibes all over this one.


Have I told you how much I love Jesse Slayter? Dude is so on point! Crunchy is all I gotta say about this one!


Rell.The.Soundbender. You already know! This dude merks any beat he touches and this Jay-Z flip is no exception, starting out with some uber chill vibes before going full on beast mode on dat ass!


So everyones favorite Dutch masters The Partysquad turn up on the trap vibe, this ones been wrecking sets and you can grab it here! Hugs not drugs ya’ll!


Alright, our homies GANG$IGN$ & Nathaniel Knows have an official release out on Beatport, straight banger vibes, heading slightly into bro territory before reminding you you’re balls deep in the trap! Full support!


I’ll leave you with a couple mixes that have been in rotation since dropping, Heroes X Villains go in on this mix for Adidas, and bubble king ETC!ETC! drops his mix for the Mad Decent Block Party, choons!






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