Music you need in your life

by elpizzysofresh on July 18, 2013



Everybody to the dancefloor! Hoodie flexxin’


LocoMotive is another new name to me, I’ll try to stay on top of what they do. This joint’s fire though, that kick!


This tune though, I’m on the fence about the vocals, only because some might say I lack culture, but I digress. Deep house vibes at the drop, I really like that bassline.


When a Neki Stranac edit is good, it’s really good, this is one of those edits.


Freshie. They definitely have moombahton nailed.

2Deep rarely disappoints these days, I think Ape Drums is from my ‘hood too, I should holler at this dude.


Let’s go Zoukish for a moment, I’ll post this tune, cos it bangs! JSTR on the buttons.


Time to twerk! Ariok & Spacecase keep it one hunnit.


Caked Up are some more dudes with serious potential, I don’t even know what to call this.


Free choons from Ricky Vaughn! Why wouldn’t we?!


Grim is Mackai’s alias, I believe, deep vibes on this one though.


Falcons flip this H-town classic, lovin’ the sample he used!


Imma post this banger from Valentino Khan, don’t sleep!


Kapo should be a familiar name on this blog by now, got some dutch vibes for you on this one.


I wish there was a download for this one, but alas, just listen, it’s awesome.


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