#trapdown doin’ it on em!

by elpizzysofresh on August 6, 2013


What do internet?! We in here with some jammers, get some! Mega-post doe!


The homies Buzz Trillington & Shooter McNappin drop this heat on you today, flippin’ a Flosstradamus tune into some syrupy goodness, snagged!


That dude Ricky Vaughn smashin’ another one, Carnage & Ookay get the rub this time!


Now it’s time to show some support, Two Fresh & HeRoBust have a killer ep out now on Itunes, show some love and grab it!


A personal favorite of mine, LeDoom steps up with a summer banger, quality and consistency are two things you can count on when this man drops heat!


Sigrah is a name to watch on the come up, peep this retwerk and show some love!


Let’s switch it up to some garridge vibes for this one, Urban Knights go in, try not to shake that booty!


Riot Ten is that dude quiet on the come up, putting in mad work, if you have’t peeped this cat yet, don’t sleep!



J-Tricks crunchy electro vibes are a guilty pleasure of mine, grab this freebie he dropped today!


Still up in the air about this one, I’ll have to test it on the big rig, I’ll let you decide, CRNKN goes to work on the Major Lazer anthem, mad island vibes on this one


SAYMYNAME! has got that heat! No description needed, twerk dat!


We love Mendez! We love twerkin! We love Busta! Go get it!


More support, show some love to Grandtheft, go cop the release on Spinnin’!


Broadway Slim with the official business! Yin Yang Twins gets the treatment this time.


I’ll leave you with this Sliink edit of possibly one of my favorite tunes of all time, for you Jersey Club heads, this one does not disappoint!

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