Muwah: Interview With O.M.F & Ma-Less

by The Zeusian on August 13, 2013

Fumoton EP coverart

Good afternoon folks! As some of y’all know is Moomba+ turn to release a song from Rot10 Musik’s artist O.M.F (Oh My Fuck). The 3rd track in his Fumoton EP is my personal favorite for a few months now called “Muwah”. O.M.F collaborated with Ma-Less of The Moombah Mafia to brings us an high, energetic, romp-shakin’ Kuduro banger. For “Muwah”, the beginning already kicks the listeners into 5th gear and Ma-Less’ kiss drop will cause fistpumping bros to rage on the Autobahn. Then, the middle portion breaks down into an Hip-Hop/Trap based groove with hi-hats and earthly 808 drums. Before you know it, the massive second drop hits and its back going bonkers on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Please, for the sake of inhumanity, turn up the fuckin’ dials on the speakers and blast Muwah, NOW!!!!!

Also, we over at Moomba+ got in touch with both O.M.F and Ma-Less for an exclusive interview for our readers.


M+: How did the collaboration begins with Ma-Less on Muwah?

O.M.F: It sort of just began with a small idea I had for awhile. I wanted to do a different style track with a few genre’s. One idea led to another and after Miami, we started trading stems.

M+: How long did both of you works on it?

O.M.F: Probably a month or so…and then forrevvvvvver for me to master it because I’m lazy & a perfectionist haha.

M+: What made you to make Muwah into a Kuduro banger?

O.M.F: Usually all my tracks stat as an accident. This was NO different..this was supposed to be a moombahton track haha. It just happened naturally.

M+: Any possibilities of doing more collaborations with Ma-Less?

O.M.F: Of course. :) She fucking rules! I would love to do another.

M+: Any last words to our readers and Moomba+?

O.M.F: Check out the other tracks I released off the EP for free and the EP is officially out on Beatport August 20th!! :) Definitely, check out the Moombah Mafia if you are in the Orlando area where Ma-Less flexes her DJ mussels every Sunday! Send me music!

M+: What was the options in making a collaboration track with O.M.F i.e. genres?

Ma-Less: I think from the start we decided we wanted to do a kuduro track, we were definitely striving for a higher energy track. We wanted to make something that would make Munchi proud ahaha.

M+: I noticed their is an Hardstyle VIP which is coming out soon, was the transition of making it from Kuduro to Hardstyle was difficult?

Ma-Less: John made the VIP solely on his own so I’ll let him answer that.

M+: Any chance of Muwah becoming an 108, 110 or 112 Moombahton edit?

Ma-Less: I do believe it’s in the works ahaha.

M+: What was the funniest moment when producing Muwah with O.M.F?

Ma-Less: Probably the Skype calls & watching John get attacked by his cat Nero. It was a cool experience we’d had not actually met in person until WMC of this year, so we did alot of the work by sharing a dropbox, FB messaging and Skype calls.

M+: Any last words to our readers and Moomba+?

Ma-Less: Thanks so much for your love & support! So glad to unleash this beast, we hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check us out on Soundcluod and Twitter.

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