Time To Raise That Knob!

by The Zeusian on August 17, 2013


What’s the fuck up y’all?? A few months ago, I managed to contact Moombahton DJ/producer EntransiK for releasing his long-awaited EP known as “High Volume”. Originally, the ep was going to be released on Deadly Viper Recordings back in January but never seen the light of day. That is until now. We over here at Moomba+ got ahold of the EP and I pulled some strings with a few of EntransiK’s friends whose he either collabs with, spun a set on M+ Radio with, lives out in NYC and some kickass upcoming producers in the scene. After selecting six remixers, the EP became an LP! EntransiK and I both set a date for the release to be on August 23rd. I decided to make this an week-long event with the six additional remixes getting release per day ’til the 23rd as one day DOWNLOADS! Also, this week is officially called as “Raise That Knob” week. Kicking it off is fellow M+ Records artist MACROHARD’s drumline refix of High Volume.

The drumline refix from MACROHARD is considered as a unique refix that spans in six genres of Dancehall, Zouk Bass, Trap, Hip-Hop, Dubstep and Drum ‘n Bass. It’s a multi-transition track that is DJ friendly for a quick switch-up or to drop while you looking for the next track to throw in your set. All set as 87 bpm, the drumline refix is the perfect way to kick off Raise That Knob week for the long awaited LP from EntransiK.


Download EntransiK – High Volume (MACROHARD Drumline Refix) Here

Tampa DJ/producer ANAX! returns with a GTA-inspired remix of Ke$ha’s “Crazy Kids”. Dubbed as TampaBass genre, this is a bootylicious twerkin’ Electro-House banger that I can see 2Deep, Ape Drums and Moombah Mafia would adores this track in future sets. The drops in this remix is fuckin’ ridiculous!


Whackboi did an Ambient Space-Trap remix of Daughter’s “Youth”. This remix is apart of the new future based scene that is slowly gaining steam and support from certain producers. The chill vibes are groovy and peaceful.


Next one is some Moombahsoul from Beat Down The Kid of Richmond, VA. The track is called Up With This. Incorporates an trancey, soulful sounds, Beat Down The Kid blends the tribal dembow together and provides an uplifting feel.


I got hit up from Daydreamer for his Robot Pirate Island tune. I checked it out a week ago and its laser-a-riffic track. When I was listening to it, I immediately thought of robotic pirates taking gold from an island out by Hawaii. Just causing a ruckus amongst the islanders, Robot Pirate Island is fierce.


Last track I’m highlighting for today is Corrupted Data’s Twerk booty of Major Lazer’s asscheek rumper “Bubble Butt”. This is an 100 bpm Twerk banger that will make all the booty meat grinds on the dancefloor and the panties drops off them cheeks. Better rock those off-white granny panties to prevents slippage!

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