The Volume Has Been Maxed Out!

by Moomba Plus on August 23, 2013


Today is the day! We here at Moomba+ are happy to officially release EntransiK’s much awaited LP “High Volume.” EntransiK is an up and coming DJ/producer from Queens, New York. The LP consists of the original track “High Volume” along with thirteen other remixes from other talented DJ’s and producers. The download link is available here in this article! Don’t pass of this chance to get your hands on this much awaited for LP. Let’s dive into the LP now!

Download EntransiK – High Volume LP Exclusive Link

The first track on the LP is of course the Original Mix of High Volume by EntransiK. The track has an original flair to it. The killer aspect has to be when “high volume” is sampled right before the track drops. The beat picks up towards the end and this is a definite a headbanger.


The second track on the LP is Banginclude’s remix of High Volume. Banginclude does a great job of making “High Volume” more upbeat and a booty shakin’ track.


The next track on the LP is DJR’s remix. DJR does an awesome job of making “High Volume” more of a mellow dance track. It is a great addition to the LP.

Then on the LP is Kapo’s remix of EntransiK’s “High Volume.” This is yet another great take on the original “High Volume” giving more emphasis on the changing up the drop slightly to make it sound different from the rest.


Moving on to the Orlande Guerreiro remix of “High Volume.” This track sounds different right from the beginning with the addition of the drums and then speeding up the original track tempo. This track is totally unique!


LocoMotive’s remix of “High Volume” is super fresh. Locomotive does a great job of keeping the flow of the original track but yet is still able to make it their own.


Onto Chemicals Of Creation’s remix which strays away from Moombahton and makes it more of a dance-style track which makes me wish I knew how to shuffle. Even though the genre might be slightly different Chemicals of Creation does a great job of meshing the original and their own style.


With Fake Moustache’s remix of “High Volume,” I absolutely love the use of the subtle lasers he uses. He gets really creative with this track!

Macrohard does a crazy thing with “High Volume” where he completely slowed down the track. Instead of it sounding drawn out, it just makes you crave for the next part to come up. It’s such a tease! My brain seriously can’t handle it.

Jinkeez’s remix of “High Volume” is super bouncey and fun. Once again I love the use of all the lasers. I like how the drop is slightly changed up and made original and is still in the “High Volume” playing field.


The next remix which is Beatanga’s remix of “High Volume” is a play. It starts of being slow and somber and then rips into a loud clash that makes you just want to go crazy! Another great remix on this LP.


Lazer Wolff’s remix is another track where the original “High Volume” is slowed down, but I like how the “high volume” sample is extended and the track is made into more of a hip hop feel that should have those poppers going in. This is yet another unique version of the original “High Volume.”

With the addition of the other tracks that stray away from the tradition Moombah sounds, PotemTole brings it right back in with a nice blend of those original Moombah sounds we love and experimenting with other sounds that one wouldn’t think would go great. The original track sneaks up perfecting in this remix.


The final remix is Alan Wolfe’s remix of “High Volume” and what an epic end to such a diverse and great LP. This remix is a great dubstep sounding, hard hitting track. The tempo is once again slowed down and Alan Wolfe does a great job of adding his own touch to the original “High Volume.”


I hope you all appreciate and enjoy this LP as we all here at Moomba+ do! Make sure you get your hands on this much awaited LP right here at the link below:

Download EntransiK – High Volume LP Exclusive Link

Until later peace and love all. Spread the music!

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