The Curtain Call

by The Zeusian on August 30, 2013

New Wave Of Moombahton Vol. 5 coverart

Over the course of today, we released download packs containing of ten tracks each from the biggest Mooombahton compilation ever, the New Wave Of Moombahton Vol. 5. Now, we finally hits the final lap, the finish line of it. I really wants to take a moment to give out thanks from the people who make it a possibility to live out a dream and same passion that we shared. First and foremost is Shorne and his ragtag team over at That is a huge step to get a fellow blogsite apart of the comp to help out promoting, getting certain artists onboard and flat out I adores reading each article they put out daily. Next is LFO Monsta for giving me the inspiration behind his submission for his Moombahcore track, “Own The Moombah” to be place on YouTube. That right there sparked the talks and countless amount of hours spent building this compilation together. Third, is all the producers who all contribute to the comp with their tracks. It’s a long road and path to get to where ETC!ETC!, Bro Safari, Heartbreak, Nadastrom and Munchi are at right now. Just the perfect exposure and right pieces, this compilation definitely got the exposure and is in good hands with the right people. #WinkyFaceAndThumbsUp. Last and certainly not the least goes to the readers, listeners and true fans of the Moombahton scene a.k.a. YOU. I like to put out the highest and most professional approach when writing up blog posts for Moombahton music for everyone of you guys. This is a dream comes true and a year ago, I was in your shoes just a simple guy whose loves the genre and movement now chasing the dream, meeting head honchos of Moombahton, covering events, making connections, promoting out of state Moombahton events, releasing EPs and LPs on the label, etc. I can go on and on in the last sentence. But, overall THANK YOU!!!!! With that being said, let me break down the final ten songs on New Wave Of Moombahton Vol. 5 and remember folks, click that red download link!!!


Fresco kicks off this download pack with his dembow party dropper “Bien Duro”. After making a splash with his first Moombahton track earlier in the summer, “Morena”, Fresco follows up with this tune. With crazy synths and white noise, “Bien Duro” is a dancer haven for time to come. The Latino vibes are wickedly impressive in Fresco’s end of the summer banger.


The next one is from Arizona producer KLiKsET. The song is called “Oscillations”. The riser synthwork in the drop is an instant, uncanny flashback to how MiniMaxX & DJEJ throws it in their songs. When Moombroton and I was putting the compilation together, I hit up KLiKsET on the same day to be apart of it and within 23 hours, Oscillations was born. I enjoy this tune with the peaceful build and break due to the bubbles and the ragga Feel the rhythm to the bass line.


Beatanga, the main guy who making Moombahtech an household name is on New Wave 5 with his track “Dragons”. When I heard Dragons, I grew in love with the tech flow and dembow kicks. Ever wonder how a dragon would travel in the NYC, flying over the skyscrapers looking for central park zoo. Dragons takes you on a trip as the dragon tamer controller the mystical creature journey through New York tech EDM sounds and brings you down south for the Latin grooves.


This next rump shaker was released a few weeks ago on as a promo single hyping up the compilation. Already received big support from Ricky Vaughn, ESSBEEDEE, Hoodie and others, NoiseTwins presented New Wave 5 a huge tune that is pure Moombahton. The track called “Dirty Noise”. From hitting play, you already feels the queso steam coming from the sounds. The stabbing percussion hits and the half-time to quarter-time builds grabs the attention. The build is classic Moombahton at its finest. Then once “Dirty Noise” drops, your body just goes berserk and you’ll start daggering on inanimate objects such as mattresses, tv stands, walls and lightpoles.


The second track from the Malaysia Borneo Bounce scene, EDM DJs/producers DERRTY PROJEXX gives us a track titled “Launch In 3, 2, 1”. Ever pictured what Above & Beyond would sound like if they make Moombahton? The tune “Launch In 3, 2, 1” is a prime example. The trance-like vocals of a rocketship launching off right when lasers and dembow kicks are being dropped makes you wants to take a NASA trip out to space. The opening of this track got a twerk feel to it with the double drum banging in mere seconds.


What a better way to nearly close out the compilation with another Moombahdeep tune. This track begs no differ as Canadian producer UNGA brings you a groovy, throbbing Moombahdeep track called “Onwardson”. Subtle on taste and not overly flashy, “Onwardson” captures the listeners to an 1970s dance party with the bass thump and soulful vibes which is a must for all Moombahdeep tracks.


Hungarian DJ/producer Stas contributed to our compilation with his banger “Tumalon”. Already becoming a staple during their Moombahsoul/Moombahdeep hour in Moombah Mafia’s Shake ‘n Bass weekly out in Orlando, “Tumalon” is an Transnational Moombahton track that catapults the vibers with long enticing builds and a Arabic influenced twerk yet funky breakdown second drop that makes you go “AWWWW CHEYAAAAA”.


Colorado’s own SAVAGE! wants everyone to be hands up in the club. His jam “Manos” proves it worth. Idk where to begins with this one, the Indian/Arabic synths, the Latin shakers or the dembow. You know what let’s say this is delish and dessert has definitely came early. I know SAVAGE! is endlessly working on getting a weekly out in Colorado and “Manos” will not be ignored any much longer. I would love to hear this track week by week for a Moombahton weekly. Back to the track, “Manos” is a sleeper track off the compilation that will catch alot of ears.


The Pitbull samples in “Bounce” by Burn The Disco already makes this an instant club hit. The moment when the line bend over girl show me what’s you working with drops, i can guarantee all girls will be shaking asses and legit shows you what they working with. The rave house synths reminds you of Josh Wink’s Higher State and makes you become unconscious with the realm of reality and you starts grooving the fuck out to “Bounce”!


The last track that graces this new blood compilation is from Toronto duo Cortez Syndicate. The name is “Moombah Return Of The Syndicate”. I chose to make this the last track out of 40 since its a perfect way to close out an rollercoaster journey through nine Moombahton genres and all kinds of flavor. I love the intro to “Moombah Return Of The Syndicate” with the mariachi hip-hop breaks and scratches right before the drop hits making you a big tymer. Also, you can express yourself and get your wild side on to the bangin’ dembow.



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