This Is Borneo Bounce!

by The Zeusian on September 9, 2013

Borneo Bassfriends EP cover

What’s crackin’ rage-a-holics?! About 5 months ago, I discovered an EDM movement from the country Malaysia that composed of a handful of hungry producers making a splash. Their EDM movement is collectively known as Borneo Bounce. The movement spans into multiple genres such as Moombahton, Trap, Electro-House, Chillstep to name a few. Also, with Borneo Bounce from DJ Sundae of the duo Sundae & Pharmacist told me that their is a specific drums they uses when making their tracks to signalizes the movement and distinct themselves from the other producers in EDM. Apart of today recap of the hottest tracks from Malaysia, we are releasing a joint EP from Bassfriends Records & Moomba+ Records by Sundae & Pharmacist called Borneo Bassfriends EP. The EP features three Moombahton tracks and one Zouk Bass track from the DJ/producer duo featuring fellow Bassfriends artist Jet Airess.

They released a music mix promoting the EP a few days ago and it’s a masterpiece. Just hit that play button and enjoy the vibes!


What does everyone thinks of the mix? Ready for the EP download link? Is that a Yes?! Well, follow the red, booty-romping link below to cop Borneo Bassfriends EP now!!!!


Now let me break down the four track EP. The first song that is kicking it off is called “Taboh Bi’ Giam”. In this song, Jet Airess provides vocals on it and the drop is straight bumpin’ with the borneo bounce drum kick. Also, there is alot of tropical instruments that makes “Taboh Bi’ Giam” stands out as a banger. The break where Jet says “Drop It” brings the excitement of the song building towards the second drop. The next track off the EP, “Tandak De Dansa” also features Jet Airess on the vocals. The dancehall samples in this one gives the listeners a throwback and makes the mood to twerk da fuck out once it hits the second drops. With crazy synths and slashing dembow, Tandak De Dansa is a digital crate dream to all. The third track is called “Circle Of Champions”. I’ve got the song from Sundae & Pharmacist about a month ago and this particular tune started this EP to happen. With the reggae vibes and the Borneo Bounce kicks, this is a party starter tune for the masses. Last track to close out the EP is a Zouk Bass song titled “The Originals”. With this one, using cellphone noises and a tribal dembow, “The Originals” got a trippy sound. Also, an PSA infomercial vocal cut samples mixed with dancehall vocal samples makes you understand what this track is about.


This next song I use alot in my sets when I throws Phat Deuce’s & BIG MAKK’s collabo “Batista”. Made by Jet Airess, the hard-hitting synth, bass throbbing banger “TAKE OFF” is a Borneo Bounce classic. Roughly 2 minutes and 40 seconds in length, “TAKE OFF” literally takes you on a trip of euphemism and makes you wanting more.


19 year old producer McAllen recently releases an Liquid House track called #YKFGLB. I don’t know what #YKFGLB means but McAllen sure does. This track builds with trance-inspired synths and a groovy house kick that builds with fiery intensity into a fakeout kick pauses in the drop.


Here is ZAZA LAND, a duo hailing from the city of Sabah, their first track is a cowbell House popper called “WELCOME”. This is a festival tune with massive drops and the hype builds.


This one track from Zeeq Squad called “Uh!”. It’s a preview of an upcoming release from him. The build and drop is fuckin’ sick as mothballs.


Another one of my personal favorites is the remix from Whackboi of legendary folk singer M. Nasir’s “Satu Hari di Hari Raya”. I loves throwing this in my recent sets due to the opening part because the looks on clubgoers faces are priceless because it makes all of them stop dancing then once it builds into the drops, everyone goes OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Yeah, this track is hella hard!


DERRTY PROJEXX releases an Felix Cartel & Clockwork remix of The Fire. You can download it on their Facebook.


Well known Malaysian DJ/producer ChukieSS collabs with Whackboi to brings a blaster title promptly “RARE”. Once I heard this track, I immediately saw the downloads been limited and was dying to grab it. Now, this is another staple to my collection from the Borneo Bounce and I loves the energy of “RARE”


The producer formerly known as MAX, a frequent Borneo Bounce favorite on our blog is now going by Maxx Rell. He is going to be on Steve Ohh’s upcoming EP of Moombahtohhn Dos which is releasing soon this year. A month ago he puts out a recent song with his new moniker called “Boom This Ah Ah”. A Moombahton party jumper, the twerkalicious drops and already received D-DOTs support.


Rounding out this recap introduction to Borneo Bounce is Moomba+ artist Z.F.X with a Trap remix of Suasana Di Hari Raya by Kristal & Leez. He made the classic into an Ookay themed trill ass shaking blaster! Definitely will turnt a crowd the fucck up!

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