Warning! 110 Challengers approaching!

by Moomba Plus on September 13, 2013

Rave bitch Moomba+

Good thing you ignored my warning, look at that ass! I’m glad you came because some dope fucking tracks have come out recently and It’s time they rained down from their cloud of sound and straight into your Tonista collection.  Let’s start this off with my new favorite song, Sonhos by Klaus Cassier. I’m not sure what Sonhos means, but it probably means mood setter and if it doesn’t, it’d still be the right translation. It was released two days ago and it already has 4,000 plays! This track is gonna be so rinsed out, that it’s just going to become clean, and still amazing way down the road to play in your sets.

Notixx comes in with the banger and recent winner of Bro Safari’s Remix Competition of Drama! But there was no drama to be had in this competition, This song got the first and the last word and it did with ferocity.

The Moombahteam comes back with this sexy latin influenced, slyly and highly vocal One-Hundred-and-Five Ass slaps per minute heater, Talk Dirty. It sets the mood to say that shit that they wouldn’t even say in ‘Nam.

Fake Moustache has a very real talent, and it’s for creating sick Moombahton with an impossible to foresee style that says I’m here to fucking stay. I Moustache you a question, is there a person alive that can’t get the fuck down to these two very newly released tracks? I don’t think so. I’m adding them to Mystache.

Oh god, I’m sitting up against the softest pine tree to ever exist,  my head is hot and sweaty,  I’m hallucinating so many beautiful girls in front of me, JSTJR’s diagnosis: Jungle Fever. Better get it checked out, it’s 5 months old and was never posted and still as strong as the day it set on. Makes me wanna scream BOOYA and Exercise My Body.

Woogie’s tracks I think have been getting better and better, and they all have a certain massive style to them that just scream “OHH FUCK! I’M THE NEWEST HUGE NAME IN MOOMBAHTON! HIT YOU WITH MY 4X4 AND GET YOU SOME FUNK TO THE BRAIN IF YOU DON’T START TO BAILA!” (Dance :D) “THEN LATER WHEN YOU TURN UP I’LL SHOW YOU MY FAT ALBERT” That’s what I would say to every person alive just to brag that all my Moombah titles put together make a dope fucking two sentences. I’m posting all these in the slightest chance that you, reading this, missed a single one of these absolutely amazing, completely free, huge fucking tracks.(¡)Estas Tracks Son Enormes(!)

I’m happy to let you know I’ve completely recovered from my Woogie Fanboyism, You know how Knife Party decided to replace their Moombahton Rager Baghdad with a VIP of Internet Friends? Well, a very fucking amazing producer named Blaynoise Re-Made it in all of it’s middle eastern desert palace glory, and now it’s here for our listening and downloading pleasure. GO BLAYNOISE!

Blingyeras, who only has 45 followers and this single song under his/her Moombahtonwaist, is off to a great start. Slowing down Happy Color’s Dance Floor Destroyer El Diablo to 102 and making that bass kick even harder gives it just such a devilishly sweet sound, It’s what the Devil himself would play if he listened to Trap-ah-ton.

And last but not least, MoonChild comes in with the electronically transforming Shapeshifter.  With the build being nice and soft for the most part, it’ll have you feeling like you’re going on a nice familiar walk with the family dog, whose always been there and always behaved and never done anything to lead himself astray. But then all of a sudden he starts tugging on the leash, what’s going on? He’s pulling you into a nearby dark alley, forcing you to let go of the leash. Then all of a sudden you hear a worrysome, high pitched yelp repeat over and over as your dog’s shadow becomes bigger and bigger, all the while your dog yelps and the sounds slowly shift from high pitched to a nastier, grimier kind of sound. Your heart drops as you watch your dog stand upright and transform into a tail-shaking beast, infecting all the other animals with his salacious Dem bow-wow. Beautiful.


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