JSTJR’s Zouk Bass Round-Up

by JSTJR on November 22, 2013

Figured I’d post a nice little round-up of some current Zouk Bass tracks I’ve been digging.

Starting off with this absolute banger from Sandwich Island Bass. When zouk bass is done right, it makes me groove a certain way. This tune embodies that feeling for me – and does so while still making it accessible for a more “mainstream” audience. Make sure you check out the full EP they just put out on T&A Records. Lots of FIREEE zouk bass.

Next up a tune from the zouk-lizard overlord, Reptilian Commander. This one is laid back, bass driven goodness with a hodgepodge of electronic and acoustic sounds.

Here’s a sweet tune from Donkong. Not going to say this one is 100% Zouk Bass, but it’s slow and vibey for sure. Nice blend of moombahton/twerk/wobs/wubs and everything else.

As some of you may know, I coined the term “twerkaxinha” to describe the blend of zouk bass and twerk I started messing with this past summer. Well, here’s a great example of where that sound is now. Jamestown Thieves turned Jesse Slayter’s “China” into a zouk bass/twerk screamer!

Zouk bass takes on a new layer featuring the sounds of “Borneo Bounce” coming from a new producer out of Malaysia, Jet Airess. I love it. Especially her track “Organic” featuring the dragging symphony of temple bells. The lazy groove compliments our zouk bass world so well and I’m excited to hear more from her [ maybe even a JSTJR collab 😉 ]

KJs is back with an interesting track released through Enchufada’s Uppercut Series. It’s got this double-time vibe in the bass but stays true to their usual percussion-driven zouk bass. 180 or 90?!

Lastly I wanted to share my latest zouk bass track, Monadnock. Thanks to all the supporters of the genre, this one is for you !

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