D-V3KZ – Gotta Let Her Go : out now on AFTER MESS RECS

by Mr. E on August 21, 2014

gotta let her go

Oh yes sir! The almighty D-V3KZ produces another solid Moombahton track. This gritty, fidgity sounding, bass line driven tune is just what this genre needs to set a new style on course. The strong percussion and drums along with the melodic strings also give the proper contrast to send you floating along the Moomba-river of goodness. D-V3KZ knows how to get your music palette tasting some fresh styles. I am very happy to see that this was also released on the After Mess Records label, and it’s also a FREE tune! Don’t miss out on this very nice track, if you wanna spruce up your mix with new sounds and vibes.

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you can also check out the vast collection of releases that After Mess Records has to offer you HERE!

Hugo Haze x Masta – Fea

by Mr. E on August 16, 2014


Hugo Haze and Masta decided to release their newest tune “Fea”. They give you that dembow sexiness, a synth that keeps your ass moving, and they top it off with a twerk feel towards the end of the track, only to bring you back into the dembow goodness.  This is an overall bangin tune that keeps you completely interested throughout the whole track. From front to back this tune holds its weight in bass! enjoy the free download they made available.


Step One – Turn up the Bassline

by Matthew Rodriguez on August 15, 2014

turn up

Step One will fill the dance floors with this pumped up and very energy filled tune…This track reminds me of all the lo-fi music that was suddenly cool once Diplo discovered the wilderness of Brazilian barrios.  It’s simple really – background bass that doesn’t dominate the track, 4×4 kicks and scattered, repetitive vocals.  The description says this is a genre called “Carnival” and that makes sense.  Imagine throngs of people liquored up and ready to dance to literally anything with a beat and some bass; this is that track.  I imagine it would sound great on a massive sound system cobbled together by whatever the locals had.  Step One: the producer in touch with the people.  Ya Heard here first folks!



Billion Dollars : Brand new sh**!!!

by Mr. E on August 13, 2014

its satans spawn

Yeah buddy!! Billion Dollars hands us all a great new FREE tune! This dope tune called “Latino” has musical flavors of all kinds. I don’t wanna begin trying to put this in a labeled box, so i will refer to it the same way Billion Dollars has, as being “Satan Bass’. Now, don’t think its some evil shit just cus that’s not the case. The tune sounds very upbeat but with dark under-toned melodies. Let this track take you to the depths of every dark corner in your soul and marinate there! enjoy :)


After Mess Recs : Dropping bombs of fresh new tunage!

by Mr. E on August 12, 2014

after mess recs

After Mess Recs just released a very big…no huge…NO, MONSTROUS compilation called “After Mess & Friends”, with 35 amazing tracks of great artist worldwide, Electro, Electro Trash, Moombahton and a whole lot of other genres. Do not pass this massive collection of bangers! The whole thing is available as one massive file to be downloaded and played at high volumes!


Code Pandorum – God Complex (Aircuter Remix)
AntiGravity – Unit
Automakids – Prophecy
Bassphomet – Carnage (Original Mix)
BeatKrusher – Ultima (Original Mix)
Billion Dollars – Chula
Skrillex Feat. Ellie Goulding (BlueWaves Edit)
Boilers Feat. GramX – Trashbin
DEADNOISETRSHCRW – We Think Mylo Is Cool (Original Mix)
Digipack – Undercover
DnTx – TerraWeed
Dophin – Incubus (Original Mix)
Dragoon Rage – The Third Eye (Original Mix)
Duty – The Sheep
Eprimes – Error
GHO2T3P – Marshelle
IHAMZERO – Bumblebee (Original Mix)
J-1 & Man-K Feat. Washiwasha – La Policia
Mr. Jags – Marihuano
Mr.E – Betty
NCR Basstard Feat. Emmanuel – Below My Feet
Notorius – Raise Your Hands Up
NOZDEER – Never Turn Off The Light (Original Mix)
OGMA – Merga
Oscillador Bass Feat. P. William – King Cumbia
Pita W – Abre Los Ojos
RDHS – Joselito Hijoeputa
REGeneration – Death Memories (Original Mix)
S N O O K I – Rumble!
El Sabor – De Verdad
S.E.P.S – Flaneur
Vitpoint – Crazy (Original Mix)
Vivanco – Run Dhaaaa Trap (Original Mix)
Wolf & Dog Feat. RayKuba, Yitsy & Blanquito Inc – We Go Party (Original Mix)



Official Pages:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/AfterMessRec…
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/aftermess

A special thanks to Javier Sanchez for putting my tune Mr.E – Betty amongst some outstanding artists and tunes!

Happy Colors & DJ C – Hay Mi Madre (official music video)

by Mr. E on August 11, 2014


So Happy colors and Dj C released this tune about 6 months or so ago and they just released the official video for it… oh my goodness is the video just as good as the tune! so much sauce here! check it out and enjoy the visuals!


Banginclude – Barulho EP

by Mr. E on August 11, 2014

yeh buddy

Yes indeed, Banginclude has once again given us some more saucy feels to get your rocks off to with his Barulho EP that was released on Enchufada records. “Fradonia” and “Pablo & Andrea” are the names of the two tracks on this EP. The two dancefloor-ready tropical bangers are Zouk, rasteirinha and trap, influenced, giving you the groove to make you move. You can show some support and grab these two tunes from beatport. Go show Banginclude some love and gratitude for the fruits of his lovely labor.

D-Dots – Rocky [TS002] // OUT NOW!!

by Mr. E on August 8, 2014


D-Dots gives a spectacular 2 track EP named “ROCKY”, that was just released on the Tribal Sounds label. The first of the two is called “Rocky” which is a “genre-less dance floor banger”. “Rocky” has sounds inspired by Miami Bass and Baile Funk, the feel of the tune is sure to get asses on the dance floor and keep ‘em there. The second of the two is a superb Moombahton track called “Way we like”. This tune gives you everything you come to expect when looking for a solid Moombahton track, the vocal sample of “face down ass up” is splendid and gives you a nice nostalgic feel with a new era twist of Moombahton. The synth melody is also on point, and doesn’t lack a bit of energy.

Both of these are FREE!! so go grab these bangers and put them into your set for guaranteed ass shaking on the dance floor!

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Selecta Doc – Come Back Again

by Mr. E on August 8, 2014

selecta doc

Selecta Doc is a 24 year old DJ and producer from Germany that is musically rooted in the Caribbean bass music genre. He brings us a very nice Summer Moombahton jam called “Come Back Again” with straight dancehall/soca vibes. This is definitely a tune that will get people moving on the dance floor. This was just released on AFTER MESS RECS for FREE so go grab this tune and throw it in your sets.

Exclusive: Billion Dollars – Way Out EP

by Mr. E on August 5, 2014

billion dollars way out ep

Moombaplus has the honor of presenting to you a very big release from Sebastian Carrillo aka Billion Dollars, from San Luis Potosi. His roots are based in “The Bass Capital” Monterrey, where he was Born & raised, with influences like Ezekiel, Javier Estrada and Toy Selectah. He is one of the few who still bring out the energy of Moombahton in Mexico. Since the beginning of his music career, Sebastian was recording rock bands and playing the guitar, until one day his ambition and dreams turned him into Billion Dollars. His tracks “Lenguas” and “No Creas”, have already been supported by big moombahton artists. Recently, he dropped an amazing FREE EP called “El Gallo” which has been featured on Do Androids Dance, Noisey, Cassette Blog and Generation Bass.

Billion Dollars now gives us another free EP called “WAY OUT”, and here at M+ we are filled with joy to release this for all you to hear. This EP has 5 very strong tracks with all kinds of flavors, ranging from Moombahton/Moombahsoul to Jersey, to Bmore and Trap all while giving you a Latin twist to each one. If you haven’t had a chance to hear or even come across this artist, now is your chance, lets just hope he continues to give us free tunes in the future. Enjoy!