ANAX! Throws Down with 2 New Releases

by Matt Oney on April 1, 2015


ANAX! – “A-N-A-X”

It’s the end of the month, and with that comes one of the newest releases on the Animal Pack Collective, this time by the incredibly talented ANAX!, one half of the Trap lords uAnimals, who’s no stranger to Moomba+. Out of Tampa, FL, he delivers one of the heaviest, filthiest tracks I’ve stumbled across in a while. If you’ve ever heard this man perform live, you know the ridiculously high energy sets he throws down.

‘A-N-A-X’ kicks off with a steady, trappy buildup – the kind that lets you know something insane is about to come. And it sure as hell does. Heck, even the artwork is made another Moomba+ regular, the one and only Alan Wolfe. He delivers an absolutely filthy, slashy drop that’s sure to get you moving. Seriously, plug this one into the subs before hitting play, because this is fucking HEAVY. You do not want to miss out on any of this from ANAX!.

ANAX! graciously provided us a free download, so grab that and keep your eyes peeled for new releases from this man.

Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux – Legends Ft. Kalibwoy (ANAX! Bootleg)

There are plenty of remixes and bootlegs of Yellow Claw and Cesqeaux’s “Legends” floating around out there, but only a handful deserve true recognition. This is one of them. ANAX! gives us another steady buildup leading to drop #1 – a drop that’s sure to get booties shakin’. An objectively solid track thus far that would fit into any respectable twerk set.

And right when you think you know what’s up…right when you’re getting ready to add it to your fire playlist…he hits you with drop #2. Out of nowhere comes the kind of drop that makes an entire crowd stop and go absolutely ape-shit. The kind that makes you appreciate all the producing talent still out there. The kind that makes you wonder why more producers nowadays aren’t creating two unique drops, because it’s obvious the power that this sort of tactic has. One can only imagine how this track sounds live.

And oh look, another free download. And be sure to show some love for our boy ANAX!, he’s sure to be making some more big waves in the near future.

Milo & Otis – Trap Arms

by Matt Oney on March 26, 2015

My undying love for Milo & Otis aside, the boys really have dropped a fucking banger here, yet again.

I threw this sucker on walking into the gym, and it instantly put the stupidest smile on my face. It’s not often that you hear an intro as strong as this one – that keeps you guessing the entire time. And for the entire track to follow suit? Oh me, oh my. I cannot stop moving, for real.

To fill a track just shy of 3 minutes with so much energy  and life is not an easy task, but the guys have done it here, without a doubt. Instantly thrown onto my fire playlist. Scoot on over to their Soundcloud for a handy download link. It’ll require you join their email list, but who are you kidding – you’d be a fool to have not done that already. From their energetic moomba to their signature trap, Milo & Otis never disappoint.

9 Questions with DJ Sabo

by Juan Leon on March 17, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.27.57 PM

Note: Part of this interview was originally published at Kesta Happening DC

DJ Sabo is — for my money — one of the most essential DJs and producers currently working in the States. 

His impeccable production work and track selection are always anchored by a thrilling balance of profoundly soulful vibes with an eye towards getting people on the dance floor. Sabo’s sets capture the mood and moment of current music, but with a true connoisseur’s understanding and love for the past (also evident from the releases found on the Sol*Selectas record label he founded). 

I got a chance to ask Sabo a few questions about moombahton, dance music, and what the future holds for him and his label:

Could you tell us a little bit about how you got involved with moombahton? What do you see the future having in store for moombahton?

Sabo: Before the term “moombahton” was coined by Dave Nada, i was already making music that was in the same vibe as Moombahton – basically reggaeton / cumbia / dancehall remixes mixed with Electronic sounds. So when Dave made his 1st official Moombahton mix for XLR8R, he used 3 of my previously released tunes to go along with his Moombahton edits.

I had heard about Dave, and was selling his records at Turntable Lab, but we had never met.

Shawn from Bersa [Discos] kinda made the official intro, and I emailed him to thank him for including my tunes in his mix. Dave immediately sent me all the edits he had (at that time there were only about 10 total LOL!) and i was instantly attracted to the sound, especially the Punk Rock Latino DUB tune. I asked him if I could remix one of the tracks and that’s how my 1st crack at moombahton “La Gata Plastica” came about. Anyway Dave and I hit it off straight away, and the rest is history as they say….

What do you see the future having in store for moombahton?

Sabo: As far as the future of Moombahton, I’m not really sure. But I hope it keeps progressing, and new fans will keep an open ear and mind to just what is considered Moombahton. Right now, most of the new “Moombahton” I hear is really really aggressive, and sounds like main stage EDM slowed down to me. That’s not really, nor ever was, my thing, so I search far and wide to find the sexy deep stuff that falls in the mid tempo BPM range. . It’s amazing how much vibey music I find in deep house / techno / electronica sections of digital download sites.  To me – some of these tunes – totally capture the essence of Moombahton, but I’m sure the producers of this music have no idea what Moombahton is. In the end it will hopefully keep evolving and when people get tired of the same lasers, and trap snare drum rolls into huge drops, some new sounds and ideas will emerge to take things even further.

Where did you grow up? What’s your ethnic background? And did either of those things influence the music you got into or created?

Sabo: I grew up in Pennsylvania outside of Philly. I’m half Italian / half Irish. Not sure if those things directly influenced me, but my parents listened to a lot of Jazz when I was young so there’s that.  Also when I was 15 I went to Spain for an exchange program. and over there I discovered techno music, flamenco, siestas, spanish women, and hash. All those things definitely influenced me.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.35.45 PM

What do you think of the current state of underground dance music? Mainstream dance music?

Sabo: I think Main Stage EDM DJs are gonna start wearing onesies with all the corporate logos on them like a Nascar driver, and will no longer be required to even touch anything while performing. Underground DJs are just going to wear longer darker t-shirts, never look up, and smile much less.

Where do you see underground dance music going?

Sabo: Deeper into the abyss…under the under.

Who are 5 current artists off the top of your head that you feel are doing good things in music or that you’re currently listening to right now? 


Feathered Sun (and each of the members individually as well – look them up! )


Maceo Plex


Matthew Dekay

Who are 5 artists who have greatly influenced your work?


Masters at Work

Joe Claussell


Burning Spear


What’s your take on the numerous discussions happening in the dance/DJ community regarding too many DJs in the scene, sync buttons, vinyl vs controllers, the changes to the DJ profession itself, etc.?

Sabo: I don’t have time or energy to think about all this nonsense, I’ll leave it to the entitled bloggers to discuss. I just wanna keep making music I’m passionate about, and inspiring people with that music on the dance floor.

What’s your current go-to track when you’re spinning?

Sabo: Probably either my “SuperDrums” edit, or the “Dark Beat” edit I made. Those two have always seem to work for me.

What’s next for DJ Sabo and/or Sol*Selectas?

Sabo: Well Sol*Selectas is being completely re-designed, and re-launched this year. I have a full length album to release with amazing remixes coming in from Acid Pauli, Metrika, Nadastrom, and Lazaro Casanova so far. I have signed some new artists for the label like Goldcap, KMLN, and Saand who will all be releasing new Eps on the label this year. Disgraceland has a new EP coming that is seriously the craziest most original shit I’ve ever heard.

And then he and I have a collaborative EP coming this year as well. I’m super excited to share all this new music, and the new and improved sound of Sol*Selectas very soon.

As for me well, I’m just gonna keep playing and making my deep sounds, and hopefully get to play more extended sunrise sets this year.

Check out Sabo’s 2014 Burning Man set below:

Make sure to catch DJ Sabo (as well as Fort Knox Five, Nadastrom, and more) at Moombahton Massive on March 18th at U Street Music Hall in Washington DC. Tickets available here.

Gully – Cariso

by Mr. E on February 20, 2015

gully - cariso

What up Moomba+Fam? I hope you all have been spinning and enjoying all the wonderful music that has been flooding the scene recently. There have been so many great producers out there churning out banger after banger!

Our good friend and producer Gully, decided to throw us all another one of his dope productions. This time he made some Caribbean inspired House music with all the horns and steel drums to get you bouncin’. Go download this fun and tropical tune and add it to your summer mix. The heat of the summer is coming so be prepared and make this tune part of your regular mix rotation!

Chuck Upbeat – Jungles Alive [Enchufada]

by Danny Ewing on February 20, 2015

chuck upbeat

The latest track from Enchufada’s Upper Cuts series comes direct from the deep, luscious jungles of Moscow. Granted, Moscow and jungles aren’t often thought of in the same sentence, but once you hear Chuck’s Moombahton-esque release you will think Moscow is directly on the Equator. “Jungles Alive” has a slow, driving, 110 beat with sounds from the jungle comprising much of the track. The repetitive dembow beat takes you into the jungle, deep enough to discover a new species of big cat or an uncontacted tribe.

Enchufada has built up the biggest and best collection on Global Club tracks in the world and bring you the best in new talent every few weeks. Be sure to keep on top of their future releases!

Moombahton is Moombahton, so here, have some Moombahton!

by Mr. E on February 17, 2015


Hello my fellow Moombahton heads! Take a listen and download all these great new tunes from some of your favorite Moombahton producers in the Moombahton scene!


The Mighty  KAPO DOES IT AGAIN! He just smacked us up with this original track and a nice bootleg that actually does that new KSHMR & DIllon Francis Feat. Becky G  track some justice! RESPECT TO YOU KAPO!


PEACETHEFVCKOUT gives an exclusive tune for your ears!


Paco Ferreira brings some very nice vibes!


Los XL decided to do “something quick for fun” and guess who gets to enjoy it? WE DO!!! check it!


D-V3KZ never disappoints us with his Moombahton tunes!

 Stavros Martina hands us this great tune. go sign up for whatever you need to in order to download this’s worth it!

3F3XT is kind of a new name in the game for many but he throws down super hard with these two Moombahton tunes from his recent release on Latino Resiste!



Dj Polazrizer brings us that bouncy club ready banger!


Selecta Doc once again! with the fresh, new, SPONTANEOUS release!

Rathero coming at you with this super hype track!

BassDeep got you covered with “Thot Process” remixed by Monhtee as well as  “Bout the Money” and a soulfull remix of “Let me Love you”




Latino Army Records presents: LATINO Round Up

by Camilo Fernando on February 9, 2015


Hey Fam! We are Latino Army Records, and in this time we are so proud to get this support from Moomba+.
As LAR, we are going to do a round up to show you all the amazing producers from Latin America.

We are going to start with this


DI – HELL! – Del Suelo Pa Arriba; is our latest release, and come from Mexico, 19 years old prodigy producer, bring to us an amazing LP, with a lot of Moombahton, some Bubbling, cumbia shakers, crazy trap snares and a huge latin vibe.



Another prodigy guy, but this time from Chile, 3F3XT was released on Mal Dicen/Latino Resiste with his album Bandolera, incredibly he mix Moombahton, Trap, Cumbia, Tuki, Jersey Club, making this as a epic 8 songs Album



The latest release to STARK via Global Bassed is a mix between Andean Sounds, Moombahton, Twerk and Trap, 2 Original songs, plus a collab featuring chilean producer LQC, and Trap 3F3XT remix, you need to dance this.



A young producer called Cris Major, from Venezuela is the winner to the Wost – Fuck yeah remix contest, i just got one word for this; LOCURA.



This Mixtape from Moombah Kingz, is totally a bomb, supporting; MASTA, DJ VAIZAR, Mambo Killers, DJ LBR, and others great producers worldwide.





And we finish our first round up with the latest video from Bacondo, chilean guys from Arica, making this andean bass, they are killing the dancefloor around Chile.




Bumb.Ay — “Moombah La Cumbia”

by Juan Leon on January 28, 2015

Bumb.Ay -- "Moombah La Cumbia"

Bumb.Ay (formerly Dire Disorder) is a moombahton/bass producer from Mexico. He’s been quietly turning out bangers for a while now.One of his latest tracks Bumb.Ay — “Moombah La Cumbia” is a good example of Bumb.Ay’s simple but effective approach to production. Countless producers have shown us how cumbia plus moombahton is a natural fit. “Moombah La Cumbia” is no exception.

Bumb.ay Sticks very closely to the latin-flavored side of moombahton, the mid-track tempo transition to dembow is an inventive and perfectly executed surprise.

Do not forget to check his soundcloud and facebook pages, give him some follows and likes and thank him for the free music!

Poté – Voyeurism EP [Enchufada]

by Danny Ewing on January 21, 2015


Poté is an artist that has been pushing his unique sound in Europe for a while now. He has gained acclaim from such influential figures as Branko, Toddla T, Plastician, and B-Traits. Couple that with regular plays on BBC Radio One and Rinse FM as well as a releases on Global Club Music juggernaut Enchufada, this year is set to be the best yet for the St. Lucia-born producer.

Now based in London and showing no signs of stopping, Poté has just released a massive new 2 track EP on Enchufada called “Voyeurism”. This pushes the limits of his loop based sound by adding in some crazy percussive programming, vocal chops, and a driving force similar to techno that shows us just how he is evolving as an artist.

Check out the EP below and make sure you follow Enchufada and Poté on Soundcloud to keep up to date!

Artist Spotlight: Edmel Diaz

by Matthew Rodriguez on September 3, 2014



Flute Mania EP:

Edmel’s Moombah Mix

Edmel’s Moombah Mix:  Maybe I’ve been playing too much Fallout lately, but this track conjures up apocalyptic landscapes in a world where Latin culture has taken over and where tribal music is literally the music of tribes.  Deep and brooding, this track is not for the PLUR kids.  This track is for getting lost on a dark dance floor.  This is a moombah track even the head nodding dubstep cats would appreciate.  The instrumentation is sparse here, a deep kick drum being the most prominent.  The jokes on the listener though:  where is the flute?  It could be any number of sounds heard here and maybe thats the point.  Just get lost in the heavy vibes and stop worrying so much.  If you’re ready for the weekend, but not ready to rage out, this track is for you.

AmpDecays 4 to the Floor Mix

AmpDecay’s 4 to the Floor Mix:  Almost on cue, this remix picks up where the Moombah mix leaves off.  AmpDecay picked up the pace with his mix, moving things into the house arena with definite UK garage-y feels – and its oh so wonderful.  If the Moombah mix is for sitting back, this is for getting up your energy and hitting the dance floor.  Unique enough to turn heads, but familiar enough to keep the crowd moving, this banger would fit in any club DJs arsenal.

See Shellz Cuntry Club Mix

See Shellz Cuntry Club Mix:  Bring on the jersey club!  I swear every producer was in the motha-effin zone when they worked on this EP.  Shellz drops the all-powerful jersey club kicks if jersey club was produced by some kid in the slums of India.  I don’t even kmow what that means but thats my point:  Don’t think Shellz is doing what Sliink n’ co. have already done.  This dude is throwing synths and samples a million at the crowd with this one and it literally never lets down.  Dear DJs – DROP. THIS. BANGER.

OMGLIKEHI Drum n Bass mix

OMGLIKEHI Drum n Bass mix:  Bringing us to home plate is this pitch perfect drum n bass mix by OMGLIKEHI.  If the other 3 tracks are bringing us through the course of one night, this is the track you use to squeeze the last ounces of dance outta your crowd.  Its forward, aggressive and fun, but OMG keeps things retrospective with some perfectly placed piano chords.  You’re trying to make your dancefloor have those feelz?  This is your track.